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    1. Dear, Mrs. Vander Laan

      Is it ok, if you put bell work on this blog, please and thank you! Have a Good day or night, Mrs. Vander Laan. 😅😊

      By: Malak Said
      Hour: 6th

      1. Bellwork needs to be completed in class. If you are absent or miss the bellwork it is your responsibility to get the bellwork from me or a classmate.

        My fear is that if I post the bellwork on the blog, students will not pay attention in class and depend on getting the bellwork online.

    1. Hi Hazaam,

      Which part of the CER do you need help with? The heading for each paragraph are provided. Use the evidence we gathered in the first few pages of the packet and explain how that evidence supports each heading. For example, when explaining conservation of mass you can explain, in detail, that the mass is equal at the beginning and end of an equation. Does this help?

  1. for the Moby max do we press science from the categories. And if we do when are they do. Also when do we know to stop.

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