Look at the Week- September 4

This week, our focus will be on having a growth mindset. Students will read about the work of psychologist Carol Dweck, and her research on children with growth and fixed mindset. A growth mindset is a mindset in which you believe you can become smarter through hard work and practice. A fixed mindset is a mindset in which you believe your level of intelligence is fixed or something that cannot grow. Students will reflect on these ideas by brainstorming ways they can apply a growth mindset to our learning in science class. Finally, we will apply this idea of growth mindset to a challenging cube activity. In this activity students will be challenged to observe patterns on a cube in order to make a claim of what should be on the blank side of the cube. The patterns are difficult and will require students to work hard and think deeply.

In addition, students have been sent home with a syllabus. The signed syllabus as well as required class materials are due by Friday September 7.

Let’s make it a great week!

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