Look at the Week- September 10

This week in class we will continue to reflect on the cube activity we began last week. As we move through this activity we will be developing our understanding of some new vocabulary. The vocabulary includes observation, inference, claim, evidence, and reasoning. These are all involved in our cube activity, and will also be applicable in our upcoming unit, Thinking Like an Engineer, which we will begin next week.

We will also get started setting up our Interactive Science Notebooks. This requires a composition notebook. Our ISN will be used daily in class for note taking, keeping data, and reflecting on learning.

This Friday will be the first Bellwork quiz. This quiz is open note and will go over Bellwork 1-4.

I hope to meet many of you Wednesday at Open House from 6-7:30.

Questions you can ask your student:

What is the difference between an inference and an observation?

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