5 Tips for Parents of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) during the COVID-19 Pandemic

I came across a great article that gives 5 tips to parents of student’s with ASD who are transitioning to this new normal.
The article is here:

Please reach out to me should you need any guidance, advice, or just need to talk.

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Week of March 30, 2020

Good Evening Miller Families,

I hope this email finds you well and enjoying the quality family time with loved ones. Adjusting to the Governors Stay at Home Executive Order ensures we all remain safe and do our part to decrease the spread of COVID-19. Understandably this new normal comes with increased uncertainty, please take care of yourselves and loved ones and continue following guidelines communicated by the State of Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Service . Continue speaking to and practicing recommended safety precautions to mitigate the spread of COVID – 19: social distancing, proper hygiene habits and healthy eating is a great start and will be the new normal moving forward.

Miller Staff continue using new tools and/or mastering the current technology to support on-line learning and maintain students’ academic, social and emotional growth. Thankfully Dearborn Public Schools and Miller Elementary Staff are state leaders when it comes to on-line learning and technology integration.

Miller Staff remain committed to supporting student virtual learning and continue:

1) Posting weekly academic enrichment lessons, online physical activities and special resources to assist students with instruction and enrichment activities. Please access and sign up for teacher Blog posts at:

2) 3rd Card Marking Ended Friday March 27, 20202. Grades will be available on Parent Connect by the end of the week, Friday April 3rd, 2020. Report Cards are NOT being mailed home.

3) Please forward any questions to staff or administration and we will gladly respond.

4) Gleaners Food Bank is Tuesday March 31, 2020 at 11 a.m. and will be conducted via curbside pickup. IMPORTANT – DO NOT exit your vehicle,

A. Follow the cones and pull up in the Bus Drop.

B. A Staff member will take down your information, while other staff members load your trunk. Make certain you have cleaned out your trunk prior to coming to the school.

C. Pop the trunk, additional staff member will place contents in the trunk and close the trunk.

D. If you are walking, there will be a table set up on the sidewalk, please maintain the six feet social distancing guidelines, cones will be set up six feet apart to help maintain a safe distance. One person at a time will be processed at the table, please do not approach the table until notified by a staff member to approach. Ensuring everyone’s safety is the top priority and requires we work together, if safety guidelines are not followed violators will immediately be asked to leave.

Stay, Safe, Healthy and Take care of your families. During these unprecedented times, I encourage you to do what is necessary to protect your loved ones. It is disappointing but very necessary given these times as we need to do our part to flatten the curve and support our medical service workers who are going above and beyond to help those who are sick or in need of medical assistance. We can all do our part!

What We know and don’t know: Unfortunately, this situation is very fluid and we do not have answers to all questions that may be out there. The Governor stated Friday morning she does not think that we will return to school this year. Team Miller and the Dearborn Public Schools will continue to plan for that possibility along with the possibility of returning. Regardless of the outcome I’m comforted we will continue supporting students, one another and the Miller Community during these unprecedented times. Stay SAFE STAY HOME!


Team Miller sending our LOVE and BLESSINGS!

Virtual Spirit Week info is attached: