Donations for Dearborn Public Schools Press Release

Due to the situation at hand the Dearborn Public Schools Education Foundation has been asked to assist the Dearborn Public Schools. We know that our community is a great one and there are a lot of people and organizations wanting to help out the District with donations. The District has given the Foundation a list of items needed to assist our students, teachers and families while schools remain closed. 

We are asking that if you would like to donate to please coordinate with Chastity Townsend at the Dearborn Public Schools Education Foundation. Your donation/contributions are a tax write off as we are a 501 c3. The Foundation is equipped to handle the donations, to make sure that technology is setup in compliance with the Dearborn Public Schools standards and to make sure that those needing assistance will get it. 

For monetary donations you can go to click on the donate button to donate or you can mail checks to: Dearborn Education Foundation, 18700 Audette, Dearborn, MI 48124. If you would like to speak to Chastity Townsend about donating you can call 313-827-8790 or email at While she is not physically in the office she is checking her emails and voice mails remotely at this time. 

Thank you all for coming together for the best interest of our district. We truly appreciate everyone’s patience and assistance. Please visit our website for more information about the Foundation