Academic Skills

Good Readers know how to retell or summarize text! This is one of the most important skills to have. Summarizing texts highlights the most important parts! As a reader they need to figure out what parts are important enough to summarize. This awesome video gives 5 words to help you figure out what is important enough to include in a summary.

One skill many students do and don’t even know they’re doing it is making an inference. This skill is so important for readers to improve their comprehension level because it allows readers to to use clues from the text to figure out what the author really means, even if he/she doesn’t say it! Check out this cool video to find out more about making an inference!

We know GOOD READERS have many special skills that help them read and understand the text. One special skill is using two voices at the same time! A reading voice and a thinking voice! Good readers can use the reading voice to read the words in the text while also using their thinking voice to understand what the text means. This is a great skill to have! Check out this short video to help you better understand how to improve your reading!