Getting Ready to Learn

This week we have had a soft start to the new school year. On Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at 8:55 your child will need to log into their computer and attend their teacher’s Zoom classroom. This is truly different than what we have done for so many years in Dearborn. Please be kind as we all are learning new things this year.

Please know I will be coming you all during the week of September 8, to let you know when I will be hosting Zoom calls with your child in a small group.

Take care, Mrs. Valerius

Message from the Superintendent

Dear Parent(s),

Every year, billions of dollars in federal funding go to hospitals, fire departments, schools, roads, and other resources based on census data.

For a better future of our city, schools, and students , please click on the link now and fill out the census. It only takes a few minutes from your time to make a difference.

Complete the Census application here:


Mrs. Valerius

5th grade send off

5th Grade Ceremony, Team Miller will be celebrating 5th Grade transition to middle school this Tuesday June 9th, 2020 beginning with Ms. Alsabahi’s class at 1 P.M. The ceremony is exclusive to fifth grade students and their parents. The ceremony will take place in the bus drop off near the North side of the building. Event details were previously shared and a flyer is attached. We look forward to a special celebration with Miller 5th grade students and their families.  

It has been a wonderful year, albeit a year filled with uncertainty and a new normal of life for many. Thank you, Miller Community, for the patience and commitment to children during these most unprecedented of times.  Team Miller prays for and looks forward to a fantastic 2020-2021 school year.

Parent Survey

The State, and our District, have begun the complicated and detailed discussion on the possible reopening of schools for the 2020-21 school year. These discussions will involve experts in instruction, operations, sanitation, transportation, food service, athletics, and many other areas that are part of operating a school district. Please know that any plans developed by the Dearborn Public Schools will need to adhere to directives and Executive Orders issued by the Governor.

Your feedback is required and valued in leading these plans at the district level. Please respond to the survey by June 12, 2020. Please keep an eye out for additional parent surveys in the near furture.

School ReOpen Committee Parent Survey #1

لجنة إعادة فتح المدرسة ١ حزيران / يونيو ٢٠٢٠-إستطلاع أراء أولياء أمور طلاب مدارس ديربرن-
بدأت الدولة ومقاطعتنا المناقشة المعقدة والمفصلة حول إمكانية إعادة فتح المدارس للسنة الدراسية 2020-٢١. ستشمل هذه المناقشات خبراء في التعليم والعمليات والصرف الصحي والنقل وخدمة الطعام وألعاب القوى والعديد من المجالات الأخرى التي تعد جزءًا من إدارة مدارس ديربورن العامه. مدرسية. يرجى العلم أن أي خطط وضعتها مدارس ديربورن العامة ستحتاج إلى الالتزام بالتوجيهات والأوامر التنفيذية الصادرة عن المحافظ.

مشاركتكم برايكم مطلوبة ومقدرة من أدارة مدارس ديربرن. يُرجى الرد على الاستطلاع بحلول ١٢ حزيران (يونيو) ٢٠٢٠. (يُرجى ترقب استطلاعات اضافية لاولياء الامور في المستقبل القريب).

School ReOpen Committee Parent Survey #1


June 2 at 11:00 will be the next Gleaners Food Bank distribution.

Future schedule for Gleaners

Miller Elementary Gleaners Schedule 2020 11 A.M.

Tuesday – June 2, 2020

Tuesday – June 30, 2020

Tuesday – July 28, 2020

Tuesday – August 25, 2020

Tuesday – September 22, 2020

National Paper Clip Day

National Paper Clip Day Vector Illustration. Suitable for Greeting card Poster and Banner.

The first paperclip was invented by Samuel B Fay in 1867. He used it to attach tickets to fabric. Today the paperclip comes in many sizes, shapes, and colors. We use paperclips for all kinds of reasons…organizing paper in a safe pile, attached to a zipper pull, unclog a spray bottle, and even as emergency hooks on a necklace.

I hope you learned something new today. Enjoy your weekend and I miss you all so much.

Mrs. V