What a Year….

I am speechless and sad that I wasn’t able to say goodbye to staff and students in person. Please stay safe and well this summer. I miss you all deeply.

Should you need anything this summer, please call me and I will return your call.


Finally, please complete the district survey for the School Reopening Committee. We need your input to help us shape what school may look like next year.

School ReOpen Committee Parent Survey https://forms.gle/DNx3eN8hcRpXsfSs5

Enjoy your summer to the fullest. Hug your family. Play in the water. Take the walk. Build the fort. Read the book. Love one another.



Complete your CENSUS! Help Schools!

Dear Parent(s),

Every year, billions of dollars in federal funding go to hospitals, fire departments, schools, roads, and other resources based on census data.

For a better future of our city, schools, and students , please click on the link now and fill out the census. It only takes a few minutes from your time to make a difference.

Complete the Census application here: 



Kristine Bussey


High School Graduation Press Release

Later than usual and not quite what graduates were expecting, Dearborn Public Schools has announced plans to hold personalized graduation ceremonies in July.

The plan is for Edsel Ford, Dearborn, Fordson and Dearborn Magnet High Schools to hold similar events on different days. The Board of Education approved the plans at Monday’s meeting.  Edsel would hold its graduation on July 13, Dearborn High on July 14, Fordson on July 15 and the Magnet High School on July 16. August 3rd through the 6th are being held in reserve in case of weather concerns or to accommodate any new Executive Orders from the Governor that may impact public events.  

“We feel we will be able to provide students a memorable event for them and their family,” said Dearborn High Principal Adam Martin.

At all three schools a driver will pull up to the school and allow the senior and two adults to get out of the vehicle. (Edsel and Fordson will allow the vehicle to park)  The three people will get into a continuous moving line spaced behind other graduates.  The students will have their names announced and greet dignitaries on a viewing area with a nod or wave, no handshakes. The graduate would then be handed their diploma and pose for a quick professional picture, as they do at traditional graduations. The graduate and their adults would then proceed to the end of the event where their driver would have pulled around and be waiting to pick them up and take them home.  Students and families will not be allowed to linger at the school.

The entire event will be broadcast live on the District’s television channel and YouTube.  Speeches from students and dignitaries will be prerecorded. Students would be assigned certain times to arrive to ease congestion.

“While we know this is not what students and parents had hoped for, we feel it is a fair compromise,” said Superintendent Glenn Maleyko. “Traditional graduations at our three main high schools attracted more than 1,000 people to each event, and it will be a long time before it is reasonably safe to hold such large gatherings. This approach will let students see their school one more time, wear their caps and gowns to participate in an actual face-to-face event with their parents present, and allow unlimited family members to watch from home.”

School officials are still working out final details.  Principals and staff will communicate specific information with their students and parents in the weeks leading up to the graduation ceremonies.

The schools have also given special recognition to their valedictorians and salutatorians.

Fordson High School co-validictorians are Mahdi Hassan Abdallah and Ibrahim Nasser Qasem and salutatorian is Muhammad Salah Alnasser. Dearborn High valedictorian is Cindy Hakim and salutatorian Dania Alazawi.  For Edsel Ford High School, the valedictorian is Ahmed Alshemmam and salutatorian Samantha Davies. 

At the Henry Ford Early College, Zeinab Smart is valedictorian and Rima Abdulrahman is salutatorian.  For the first class from the Henry Ford Early College-Advanced Manufacturing program, Dareen Elhusseini is valedictorian and Wedad Aljahmi is salutatorian. Those five-year schools are housed at Henry Ford College, a partner in the programs that allow students to simultaneously earn both a high school diploma and an associate degree. Henry Ford College canceled its graduations this spring, including those for the Early College.  The college has not yet released any updated plans.

“The Class of 2020 will certainly be a year to remember,” Dr. Maleyko remarked. “While we wish we could celebrate them together as a group, we are thankful we could develop this solution so we do have a chance to congratulate them in person for their success and wish them well in their future endeavors.”



Week ahead – from Mr. Awada

Good Afternoon Miller Families,
Hope all are well and enjoying the beautiful day!
As we enter the final week of the 2019 – 2020 school year Team Miller welcomes the opportunity to
again thank each of you for the steadfast support and teamwork throughout the year. As a result of
your communication and teamwork Miller’s Learning Community is stronger today than it was
yesterday and we thank you.
1) Materials distribution and collection on Thursday was a great success, it was great to see all
the students and parents who participated. Of the 654 students attending Miller we were left
with 40 bags of student materials. If students have classroom materials that need to be
returned please drop them off in the boxes by the main door with a note listing students
name and teacher. Families who have not picked up materials will be contacted tomorrow
and required to pick up materials between 10 – 2 P.M. If materials are not picked up, they will
be recycled and donated.
2) I-Ready Reading Diagnostic window opens tomorrow June 8th, 2020, all Miller students are
required to take the reading diagnostic for proper reading placement. Upon logging in
students will automatically begin the diagnostic and will not begin instructional lessons until
the diagnostic has been complete. It is critically important students complete their own work
and receive no assistance, doing so ensure they are assigned the proper reading lessons over
the summer months. While taking the diagnostic students should take their time, read the
question carefully and believe in themselves!
3) 5
th Grade Ceremony, Team Miller will be celebrating 5th Grade transition to middle school this
Tuesday June 9th, 2020 beginning with Ms. Alsabahi’s class at 1 P.M. The ceremony is exclusive
to fifth grade students and their parents. The ceremony will take place in the bis drop off near
the North side of the building. Event details were previously shared and a flyer is attached.
We look forward to a special celebration with Miller 5th grade students and their families.
4) Superintendent Maleyko’s message It has been a wonderful year, albeit a year filled with uncertainty and a new normal of life for many.
Thank you, Miller Community, for the patience and commitment to children during these most
unprecedent of times. Team Miller prays and looks forward to a fantastic 2020-2021 school year.
Wishing you and yours a restful summer break!
Team Miller
مساء الخير عائالت ابتدائية ميلر الكرام ،
أتمنى أن يكون الجميع بخير ويستمتعون باليوم الجميل!
ونحن ندخل األسبوع األخير من العام الدراسي ٢۰١۹ – ٢۰٢۰ يسر فريق ميلر اغتنام هذه الفرصة مرة أخرى لشكر الجميع على
دعمكم المستمر والعمل الجماعي الذي قمتم به على مدار السنة .نتيجة لهذا التعاون والتواصل ، أصبحت البيئة التعليمية في ميلر
أقوى اليوم مما كان عليه باألمس ، ولكم على ذلك جزيل الشكر .
1َ -ش ِه َد يوم توزيع واستالم المواد واللوازم المدرسية الذي جرى يوم الخميس نجاحاً كبيراً ، وكان من الرائع أن نرى جميع الطالب
وأولياء األمور الذين شاركوا . في هذا اليوم من بين 654 حقيبة مواد مدرسية مخصصة للتوزيع لكل طالب من طالب ميلر ، بقي لدينا
فقط 40 حقيبة لوازم .إذا كان لدى الطالب أي مواد أو لوازم يجب إعادتها إلى الصفوف ، فيرجى وضعها في الصناديق الموجودة
بجوار الباب الرئيسي للمدرسة مع مالحظة تتضمن اسم الطالب واسم المعلم . كما سيتم غداً االتصال بأهالي الطالب الذين لم يستلموا
لوازم أبنائهم بعد وسيطلب منهم الحضور الستالم المواد بين الساعة ١۰-٢ مسا ًء .إذا لم يتم استالم هذه المواد غداً ، فسيتم إعادة
تصنيعها والتبرع بها .
2 -يفتح Ready-iنافذة القراءة التقييمية في ٨ حزيران/ يونيو ، ٢۰٢۰ ، يطلب من جميع طالب ميلر القيام بالتقييم لتحديد مستوى
القراءة الصحيح .عند تسجيل الدخول ، سيبدأ التقييم تلقائيًا ولن يبدأ الطالب الدروس اإلرشادية إلى أن يكتمل التقييم .من المهم للغاية
أن يكمل الطالب أعمالهم بأنفسهم وأال يتلقوا أي مساعدة ، مما يضمن حصولهم على دروس القراءة المناسبة خالل أشهر الصيف .
يجب أيضاً أن يتأنى الطالب ويأخذون الوقت الكافي / الالزم للقيام بالتقييم وقراءة السؤال بعناية والثقة بقدراتهم !
3 -تكريم طالب الصف الخامس: سيقوم فريق ميلر بتكريم طالب الصف الخامس واالحتفال بانتقالهم إلى المرحلة اإلعدادية هذا الثالثاء
۹ حزيران / يونيو ٢۰٢۰ بداية مع صف السيدة الصباحي عند الساعة ۰۰:١ حفل حصري لطالب الصف الخامس وأولياء أمورهم
فقط . سيقام الحفل في نقطة إيصال وإنزال الطالب بالقرب من الجانب الشمالي من المبنى .تمت مشاركة تفاصيل الحدث مسبقًا وتم
إرفاق نشرة إعالنية .نتطلع إلى احتفال خاص مع طالب الصف الخامس وأسرهم .
4 -رسالة المشرف العام د. ماليكو
شكًر ميلر ، على الصبر لقد كانت سنة رائعة ، وإن كانت سنة مليئة بعدم اليقين وأسلوب حياة جديد بالنسبة للكثيرين . ا لك ، مجتمع
وااللتزام تجاه األطفال خالل هذه األوقات غير المسبوقة .يصلي فريق ميلر ويتطلع إلى عام دراسي رائع ٢۰٢۰-٢۰٢١.
أتمنى لكم ولعائالتكم عطلة صيفية ممتعة !
مع كل االحترام،
فريق ابتدائية ميلر


Miller Elementary – Virtual 5th Grade Ceremony

Good Morning Fifth Grade Parents / Student,
Hope all is well with you and loved ones. As the end of the school year nears,Team Miller sends their love and cordially invites all 5th Grade students to attend the 5th Grade Drive Thru Ceremony next Tuesday June 9, 2020 beginning at 1 PM in the Miller parking lot.  Specific times have been scheduled for specific classrooms, please check the attached flyer for your child’s scheduled time. Students and their parents will remain in their car, drive thru the balloon arch one at a time and be recognized for their achievement and accomplishments. Upon arrival Miller Staff will direct families where to go, attached is a flyer detailing the event. Looking forward to a memorable event and sending off our fifth grade students in style.
Team Miller

5th Grade Celebration (1).png


Gleaners Food Distribution today at 11:00 Miller

Good Morning Miller Families,
Gleaners Food distribution today June 2, 2020 at 11 a.m., please drive up and pop the trunk, food will be placed in the trunk, please remain in the vehicle. I fyou are walking please wear a mask and practice social distancing. 
Thank you and make it a great day!


Upcoming Important Dates


Attached are details regarding an important Parent Informational Zoom Meeting regarding adoption of Benchmark reading/writing and secondary math programs.

GLEANERS food Distribution, Tuesday June 2, 2020 at 11 a.m., menu includes Halal Chicken / White Rice / Peanut Butter / Orange Juice / Walnuts/ Raisins / Spaghetti Sauce / Fruit Mix / Canned Apple Sauce

Students will be taking the i-Ready Diagnostic beginning June 8th, 2020.  It is VERY

IMPORTANT students do their own work and give the best effort allowing for appropriate reading placement during summer learning.

Elementary Report Cards will be distributed via Parent Connect, students still have time this week to complete i-Ready lessons and google classroom assignments for full credit.

IMPORTANT – Student Materials Distribution and Collection – No Students Please

WHO: ALL Miller k-5 Students

WHEN:  Thursday June 04, 2020

kindergarten / 1st / 2nd Grade StudentsMaterial Distribution / Collection will take place between 12 – 1 p.m.

Grades 3rd / 4th / 5th Grade StudentsMaterial Distribution / Collection will take place between 1 – 2 p.m.


Distribution and Collection of Student Materials and Summer Math Learning Packets. Teachers will be lined up by alphabetical order and a sign with teacher name will be clearly marked.  


Miller Elementary Parking Lot Sidewalk in front of Cotter

Kindergarten and 3rd Grade Students

Miller Elementary Parking Lot Sidewalk in front of Miller

1st and 4th Grade Students

Miller Elementary Bus Drop Off

2nd and 5th Grade Students


Parents are required to pick up belongings and drop off classroom and library books. Chromebooks WILL NOT be collected; students will keep Chromebook over the summer for summer learning.  


1.      Parents place LLI/ science/classroom/library books in the trunk of their vehicle.

2.      Parents drive up to designated area and pop open the trunk of the vehicle, if walking please observe social distancing measures.

3.      Teacher will place students’ belongings in the trunk and remove LLI / classroom and library books. 


Do not bring students

Ensure all books are placed in the trunk

Do not exit the car

If we all work together, drive slow and follow directions things will run smoothly, thanks un advance for the teamwork.

Have a wonderful week!


Team Miller  

Parents can preview possible curriculum changes

Dearborn Public Schools is offering a chance for parents and community members to explore two new curriculum resources the District is recommending for next year – one for elementary English Language Arts and the other for some high school math. Both curriculums provide extensive digital resources that are available for school and home use.

Interested parents can view some of the materials online and then learn more about the resources during online meetings on Monday for the elementary program and Tuesday for the math program.

Both curriculum resources have gone through extensive evaluation by Dearborn teachers and have been recommended by the District’s curriculum committee. This is part of the District’s regular process to update and implement new curriculum.  Please note, these changes have not yet been approved by the Board of Education.

Elementary Reading and Writing 

Elementary parents are invited to learn more about the Benchmark Advance English Language Arts program that the District is considering for all the kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms.

Benchmark Advance © 2021 is a standards-based, core English Language Arts program. Language arts includes reading and writing and also impacts text-based resources for science and social studies.  The Benchmark program provides lessons and practice in all areas of reading including phonological awareness, phonics and word study, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  Writing is also included.

Parents are invited to attend a Zoom meeting with Benchmark representatives for more information and a Q & A session on Monday, June 1 from 5 to 6 p.m.  Please email communications@dearbornschools.org for information on logging into the Zoom meeting and to get login information to view a sample of the digital curriculum material.

Secondary math

Parents also are invited to learn more about the enVision AGA math program that is recommended for adoption for use for Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry instruction.  

enVision AGA is a highly rated program and has been researched and piloted in Dearborn classrooms over the last two years. Textbooks, workbooks and an extensive collection of digital resources, including interactives, mathematical modeling, and adaptive practice are part of  enVision’s high quality program. 

Parents can view enVision materials using the link to a padlet: enVision Math

In addition to previewing the materials online, parents are invited to attend a Google Meet with enVision/Savvas representatives for more information and for a Q & A session on Tuesday, June 2 from 4 to 5 p.m.  Please email communications@dearbornschools.org for information on accessing the Google Meet event. 

For more information about the possible curriculum changes, contact Dr. Ross Groover, K-12 Consultant for Curriculum & Professional Development, at groover@dearbornschools.org.