Pumpkin Decorating

Happy Friday! Since we are one week away from Halloween and it’s finally the weekend, we are going to have some fun. For Fun Time Friday, we will need small pumpkins and some paint. Get creative and paint a funny face, or even your favorite superhero! 

Hi, everyone! I hope your week is going well… It’s almost Friday! For Thinking Thursday, we have an indoor scavenger hunt to complete since it’s a raining day out there. Going around your house, you need to find an object of each color listed and write the name of the object down on a piece of paper as you go. Happy hunting!

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Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend. I apologize for not getting all the themed posts up last week! I will do my best to give you a variety of activities based on the daily themes, however, there might not be a post everyday. Today for Movement Monday, I thought it would be fun to play a little dice game. All you need is one dice, and if you don’t have one at home, that’s okay! Get a piece of paper and cut it into 6 pieces. On one side, draw dots (1-6) OR just write the numbers 1-6. On the other side, write the following in correlation to the number. Play until each person has gotten every number. Let’s get this Monday moving!

1 – Run in place for 20 seconds

2 – Touch your toes

3 – Frog jump across the room and back

4 – Do arm Circles for 20 seconds

5 – Do 15 Jumping Jacks

6 – DANCE PARTY! Show off your favorite dance moves

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Here are some fun ways for our children to practice writing without picking up a traditional pencil! It doesn’t feel like work for our kids and the kids usually love these alternatives because it feels like play!

  1. Rainbow Write: Write their name/words several times in different colors of the rainbow.
  2. Markers and Highlighters: Trace and write words using highlighters and markers. Kids love to trace and use bright colors!
  3. Use Q-tips: Trace numbers/letters/words with paint using Q-tips.
  4. Chalkboard or dry erase board: I prefer using a chalkboard with our children as it provides more sensory feedback than using the dry erase board. On the chalkboard, the student can write numbers/letters/words. Then they can use a small wet sponge to trace the letters and wash (erase) them away.
  5. Finger paint: Most kids love to finger paint. I know it can be messy, but the kids love the sensory play and its a great way to practice numbers/letters/words, especially if the student has trouble grasping a writing utensil.
  6. Salt or sand tray: Put salt or sand on a cookie sheet and have the child write numbers/letters/words in it.
  7. Watercolors: Trace and write numbers/letters/words using a paintbrush with watercolors.
  8. Shaving cream: Children also love to practice writing using shaving cream. You can keep the shaving cream contained by putting it on a tray or cookie sheet if you don’t like to clean up a bigger area.

Have Fun and Happy Writing!

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I apologize for no post yesterday! I have been extremely busy working with children during teletherapy sessions and learning labs. There just wasn’t enough time in my day to do everything! I will try really hard to have a daily post, but please excuse me if I miss one.

Happy Movement Monday! I found an awesome website that I want to share with you! It is called:

These Active Lesson Resources were taken directly from https://grfit4kids.org/resources/active-lesson-plans/ . The links below will take you directly to their website of resources and activities. Please check them out! It is a fantastic resource with a lot of movement activities!


Poster of ExercisesThis poster features our most commonly used exercises all on one sheet that you can easily post in your class for students to reference.
Active Lesson StrategiesAll of Fit4Kids’ active lesson plans are based on major strategies that are most effective for active learning. Use our strategy guide for planning your own active lessons.
Active Lesson VideosCheck out our strategies in action! Greater Richmond Fit4Kids Wellness Integration Specialists show how to lead active classroom lessons for any grade level and subject.
Movement Recording SheetMany of the lessons required the use of a Recording Sheet. When teaching a Scoot, Retrieval, Musical Chairs, or Freeze Dance, you may want to consider using the Movement Recording sheets below.
Brain BoostersBrain boosters are a great strategy for classroom teachers to incorporate movement into the school day as well as providing benefits such as, improved focus, positive behavior, increased motivation, and higher academic performance.
Exercise SignsPost these exercise signs in your room so kids and easily see which movement to do. There is space at the top for you to paper clip an answer choice or laminate them and write on them with dry erase markers.
Exercise CardsUse these exercise cards to add movement to your lessons. Print them out with the exercise on the front and the Fit4Kids logo on the back. Then simply cut along the dotted lines and use for a burst of movement in your class.

It’s great to end this school week with Fun Time Friday! What a beautiful fall day! Let’s get outside and go on a scavenger hunt! This scavenger hunt is brought to you with permission from http://www.abcdeelearning.com Feel free to print it out from the download icon below and then go have some fun outside!

Happy Thursday! We are almost through the week, so let’s keep the fire burning and get our brains thinking! Here is a word search with all the fun fall things we love this time of year. Go to the Fall-Word-Search link and print out to complete at home. Use a highlighter or your favorite color marker to circle the words once you find them. Once you are finished, make up a sentence to tell a little story about fall time using 4 of the words hidden.

Today for Writing Wednesday I want to focus on good posture for writing tasks. Poor posture when writing means that your child’s body has to work extra hard to maintain stability. This causes excess muscle strain and effort, and can make handwriting uncomfortable and more difficult. It is important to remember the basics listed below when completing writing activities.

  • Sitting with feet flat on the floor, not dangling. If their feet can’t comfortably reach the floor, put a box just in front of the chair for them to rest their feet on.
  • Sitting with their ankles, knees and hips all at 90 degrees.
  • Sit up tall with back straight.
  • Forearms resting on the desk with elbows level with the desktop.
  • Paper stabilized with non-dominant hand.
  • Neck and shoulders relaxed.
  • Body faces desk squarely.
  • Paper tilted up to the right if right handed or up to the left if left handed.

This position gives your child optimum core strength and stability, and makes handwriting more comfortable.

Fun Ideas for Tong Play and Favorite Fine Motor Skill Tools

One of my favorite tools to use during OT sessions are tongs. There are many sizes that can be used and for a variety of activities. Using tongs are great to help students develop strength and coordination needed in the small muscles of their hands. This in turn will help with cutting, grasp and writing. Here are some activities your child can do using tongs:

  1. Painting with Cotton Balls
  2. Fill a Container with Pompoms
  3. Stack Blocks
  4. Sorting Small Objects Using Tongs
  5. Pretend Cooking or Helping in the Kitchen