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Monday 4/13- Post Lesson Recap

Great lesson today, guys! I noticed many students signed in late. Please be sure you complete the NEW 4/13 EXIT TICKET in Google Classroom by 8pm TONIGHT to let me know that you attended.

We talked about Khan and IXL that go with this lesson. Most of you have already completed Lesson 16 on iReady.

IXL: Section Y, Section E, Section T, and Section Z all have to do with this material. Specifically: Y1 through Y8, E12, T10, & Z3-New!

Khan: Check your Khan for the new assignments for this week. These have already been assigned in the past and are review, so you should be able to complete them without any issues. Watch the videos for more help.

If you or someone you know does not have computer access or internet access, please let me know ASAP!! I will get in touch with someone who can help them.

Monday: 4/13 *Back from Break*

Video Lesson today at 3pm. Let your classmates know. Be on time, mute your microphones. Students that refuse to follow directions will be removed. Code will be posted to the Google Hangout Chat at 2:55.

Second Hour Students: Your Google Hangout Chat has been deleted, due to several students refusing to follow my simple directions that the Chat was only to be used to ask ME questions. From now on, your information for the Video Lesson will be posted to Google Classroom at 2:55.

Thursday 4/2

Today: Be sure the 3 teacher assigned iReady assignments and quizzes are completed and passed. I believe you can still complete them, even if they are late.

Go to Khan Academy and complete the assignments that are due Friday at 8pm. These will help with your quiz Friday. If you did not complete the Khan from last week, do that as well.

If you attended the video lesson yesterday, please go to my Google Classroom and complete the exit ticket. If you were late to the lesson, I do not have you written down on the attendance form. You need to complete the exit ticket to make sure you get credit for attending.

On Friday, there will be two quizzes about: Evaluating Expressions, Numerical Expressions, Algebraic Expressions, Equivalent Expressions, Combining Like Terms, Substitution, Distributive Property, Factoring, Translating Phrases and Expressions, etc. Everything we have been working on for the last two weeks.

On Friday at 3pm, I will be hosting a video lesson. During the lesson, I will be posting numerous different practice problems and answering questions. You will need paper and pencil. Immediately after the lesson, I will post the quiz. Those that attend the lesson and work on the practice problems should be in good shape for the quiz.

**In order to see the directions for logging in to the video lesson, you must go to your student Gmail on Friday at 2:55pm. In the class Hangout, I will be posting the instructions and the code.**

If you have any other questions, please send me an email. Stay healthy and safe!

Wednesday 4/1

**Update: If you attended the video lesson, there is an exit ticket for you to complete TODAY on the Google Classroom**

I want to remind all students and families that we are NOT on a break. Students need to be completing work for all of their classes. Spring Break is from Monday 4/6- Sunday 4/12.

As of 10am, the 2 iReady Teacher Assigned lessons on Numerical Expressions & Algebraic Expressions from yesterday have been added to the Gradebook for Card Marking 4. The quiz at the end of each lesson must have been passed in order to receive full credit. I will release Card Marking 4 in Student and Parent Connect after break, as Card Marking 3 was just posted.

Today: Online Video Lesson at 3pm. I will send the code in the chat when it is time. You must be on time. I will be taking attendance. During the video lesson, your microphone needs to be MUTED. You will need a notebook and a pencil. There will be time at the end for questions. AFTER THE LESSON THERE WILL BE A MATCHING iREADY ASSIGNMENT WITH QUIZ THAT MUST BE COMPLETED TODAY. There will be a quiz on this material on Google Classroom on Friday.

There are new Khan Academy assignments that go with this lesson that are due Friday by 8pm.

Any student not completing all assignments for every class will be reported to administration.

Tuesday 3/31

Today: Go to i-Ready through Clever and complete the two i-Ready assignments that I have assigned for you: “Numerical Expressions and Order of Operations” & “Algebraic Expressions”. You must pass the quiz at the end of each lesson for credit. THEY MUST BE COMPLETED TODAY. I set the lessons to expire at the end of the day today.

If you are behind in the 12 “My Path” lessons, do that as well.

Google Meet Video Class will be Wednesday at 3. You must be on time. I am taking attendance.

If you did not read the notes on my Google Classroom, do that as well. Leave a comment below the notes that you have read them.

Continue to work on Khan Mission. We need to reach 100% mastery. Those of you that have not been on Khan in a while, your mission percentage is dropping.

Monday 3/30

Card Marking 4! Already! Wow! New Card Marking, New YOU!

All students MUST be completing ALL WORK. It is required by our school. If you do not have access to a computer, please email me immediately. I will be reporting students that are not completing their work to Mrs. Younes, Mr. Bazzi, and Ms. Fawaz.

This week:

Today: Work on Khan Mission. I will assign the things that we will be learning on Wednesday. You may try them in advance. Go to my Google Classroom and read the Lesson 17 notes. Comment on the post that you have read the notes when you are finished.

Tomorrow: Go to i-Ready through Clever and complete the two i-Ready assignments that I have assigned for you: “Numerical Expressions and Order of Operations” & “Algebraic Expressions”. You must pass the quiz at the end of each lesson for credit.

Wednesday: Online Class from 3:00pm-4:00pm. I will be holding a virtual lesson on Google Meet for all of the math classes. I will post the code to the chat right before it is time to start. I will be TAKING ATTENDANCE and recording students that do not attend. I will be teaching Lesson 17 from the book, providing practice problems, and requiring an exit ticket and follow up quiz.

During the Meet, all students must be MUTED. You will be listening to and watching the lesson for approximately 20 minutes. Then, you will get to practice on your own. The Meet is NOT time for private conversations or off-topic questions. There will be time for students to type their questions about the lesson at the end of the presentation.

Thursday 3/27


Goal 1: Finish iReady (12 lessons passed total- last week and this week combined)

Goal 2: Wrap up any Khan Academy Assignments (current and past)- Check the Google Doc posted March 17 to my Google Classroom for help

Goal 3: Wrap up any IXL

**Make sure whatever you would like me to look at is finished by 8pm tonight so that I can submit report cards.**

Thursday 3/26


  1. Subscribe to this iBlog first (right side of the page)
  2. Go to
  3. Click blue CLEVER BUTTON
  4. Click IREADY APP
  5. GO TO MY PATH AND COMPLETE LESSONS- 12 of them PASSED by tomorrow! Must pass the QUIZ AT THE END to pass each lesson!


  2. Check the leaderboard
  3. Scroll down to my announcement about REMIND and SIGN UP


  1. Come to my LIVE MEETING at 1:00pm today! Meet Bailey (my cat)! Check the Google Hangout for details!

Wednesday 3/25


  1. Go to
  2. Click the Blue CLEVER button
  3. Scroll down to “More Apps”
  4. Click the colorful IREADY CUBE
  5. How many assignments have you passed? Is it 12? It should be! 12 of them need to be passed before Friday!!


  1. Go to my Google Classroom and check your rankings! Who is winning in our class?


I will be at my computer from 1pm-2pm TODAY! We can Google Hangout! I will be here to answer all of your questions!

Tuesday 3/24

  1. i-Ready Lessons: many students still not completing- check Google Classroom for more info.
  2. Khan Academy Help- there is a Google Doc on my google classroom that I shared where I am typing up explanations.
  3. Grades are due Friday
  4. Food Pantry Today: 6470 Williamson Ave.

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