April 2, 2020

Thursday 4/2

Today: Be sure the 3 teacher assigned iReady assignments and quizzes are completed and passed. I believe you can still complete them, even if they are late.

Go to Khan Academy and complete the assignments that are due Friday at 8pm. These will help with your quiz Friday. If you did not complete the Khan from last week, do that as well.

If you attended the video lesson yesterday, please go to my Google Classroom and complete the exit ticket. If you were late to the lesson, I do not have you written down on the attendance form. You need to complete the exit ticket to make sure you get credit for attending.

On Friday, there will be two quizzes about: Evaluating Expressions, Numerical Expressions, Algebraic Expressions, Equivalent Expressions, Combining Like Terms, Substitution, Distributive Property, Factoring, Translating Phrases and Expressions, etc. Everything we have been working on for the last two weeks.

On Friday at 3pm, I will be hosting a video lesson. During the lesson, I will be posting numerous different practice problems and answering questions. You will need paper and pencil. Immediately after the lesson, I will post the quiz. Those that attend the lesson and work on the practice problems should be in good shape for the quiz.

**In order to see the directions for logging in to the video lesson, you must go to your student Gmail on Friday at 2:55pm. In the class Hangout, I will be posting the instructions and the code.**

If you have any other questions, please send me an email. Stay healthy and safe!

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