April 17, 2020

Friday 5/17

Google Meet with me at 5pm. I will be giving information about the NEW SCHEDULE due to District Requirements. The code will be Live in Google Classroom at 4:55. I will be helping you set up and make a schedule for yourself. I will also be posting a QUIZ on Lesson 16 for you to complete before Monday. See you at 5!

** Thank you to those that were able to attend the meeting. I know it was short notice! Here is what you missed:

New Schedule Starting Monday 4.20. EVERYTHING COUNTS AND IS GRADED. You must attend your online Google Meet sessions. You must follow the rules set up by the teacher. You must not be disruptive in any way. Here is the NEW schedule. You will be meeting at different times based on what hour you have which subject. Please be aware that we may need to make some changes down the line, but this is what we have for now:

If you want to make your own schedule for yourself with JUST the times that YOU need, here is a blank template that I created. Feel free to print it or make your own on paper:

Lesson 16 Quiz is on the Google Classroom. It is due Sunday night by 9pm. Review the Google Slides for Lesson 16 that I posted in Google Classroom BEFORE you take the Quiz to help you study. Make sure you understand the slides.

Plan for Math Schedule:

Mondays- Google Meet (new lesson), exit ticket, assignments

Wednesdays- Google Meet (practice new lesson), exit ticket, assignments

Fridays- Google Meet Office Hours (open to all students to ask questions), Quiz over the lesson that we covered that week in Google Classroom.

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