Monday 4/13- Post Lesson Recap

Great lesson today, guys! I noticed many students signed in late. Please be sure you complete the NEW 4/13 EXIT TICKET in Google Classroom by 8pm TONIGHT to let me know that you attended.

We talked about Khan and IXL that go with this lesson. Most of you have already completed Lesson 16 on iReady.

IXL: Section Y, Section E, Section T, and Section Z all have to do with this material. Specifically: Y1 through Y8, E12, T10, & Z3-New!

Khan: Check your Khan for the new assignments for this week. These have already been assigned in the past and are review, so you should be able to complete them without any issues. Watch the videos for more help.

If you or someone you know does not have computer access or internet access, please let me know ASAP!! I will get in touch with someone who can help them.

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