Mandala means circle.  Find objects in your home that you can trace to create circles.  Plates, bowls, plastic bowl lids, coins, water bottle caps, etc.  Trace one circle almost as large as your paper.  Add smaller circles inside of the largest one.  These are called concentric circles.  Add repeating patterns and shapes inside each ring of the circle while you are working clockwise or counterclockwise.  Try to be in a quiet place and concentrate on your drawing.  Notice what you are thinking about when creating your Mandala.  Write a few sentences or a poem about your thoughts.  Do your drawing with a pencil.  Trace your lines with ink if you want to do a black and white Mandala.  Use other materials like crayon, markers or colored pencils if you would like to color.

Would you like to write a Haiku? No, you do not have to, but writing poetry is fun! Pay attention to your thoughts when you are creating your Mandala and write them down.

Haikus are poems that have 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line, and 5 syllables in the third line. My Mandala at the top of this post is about Covid 19 – can you tell? Here are my Haikus:

Go Covid Nineteen
We want to go back to life
As we lived before

Covid, you so stink!
Please let us have normal back
We miss our Maples!

Covid interrupted
Our school, lives and art making
In Maples’ art room