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March 5, 2013

2015-2016 Dearborn Schools’ Citywide art show participants representing Maples.

IMG_5093.JPG IMG_5179.JPGIMG_5151.JPGIMG_5182.JPGIMG_5097.JPGIMG_5178.JPG IMG_5130.JPGIMG_5180.JPG   IMG_5148.JPGIMG_5184.JPG   IMG_5169.JPGIMG_5124.JPG

IMG_5085.JPG IMG_5167.JPG


IMG_5159.JPG IMG_5183.JPG IMG_5102.JPGIMG_5177.JPG IMG_5137.JPGIMG_5170.JPG IMG_5105.JPGIMG_5168.JPG

2014-2015 Dearborn Schools’ Citywide art show participants representing Maples.

k hand shape  k hand shape student k flower k flower student

1st Grade

 1 snail 1 snail student

1 nest 1 nest student

2nd Grade

 2 dino 2 dino student  2 seascape 2 seascape student

3rd Grade

 3 zen hand   3 zen hand student         3 landscape3 landscape student

4th Grade

4 mask 4 mask student    4 home 4 home student

5th Grade

5 k-5 BB portrait 5 k-5 BB5 k-5 SF portrait 5 k-5 SF5 clay cake  5 clay cake student


2013-2014 Dearborn Schools Citywide art show participants representing Maples.

k ahmed qk self portrait

1 safaa1 under the sea

1 iman1 spring house2 ali a2 warm cool heart

2 Hannahtree7

3 tyra3 spiral3 Issa3 cupcake

4 malak4 vangogh crows4 Maha4 van gogh reflections5 maryam5 favorite house5 muhammad 25 favorite place5 Khalil5 shark print5 abdullah5 Olympic hockey


These students are representing Maples at the Annual Citywide Dearborn Art Show!

Kindergarten, My House At Night

Kindergarten Kindergarten, Home at Night

1st Grade, Spring Landscape

1st 1 1st 2

2nd Grade, I Want To Be an Auctioneer When I Grow Up

2nd 1 2nd 2

3rd Grade, Learning to Ride my Skateboard

3rd 1 3rd 2

3rd Grade, Abstraction

3rd 3 3rd 4

4th Grade, Artist Trading Cards Book

4th 1

4th 2 4th 3

4th Grade, Andy Warhol’s Cat

4th 84th 9

4th Grade, Picasso Cubism Portrait

4th 4 4th 5

4th Grade, My Favorite Numbers, Jasper Johns inspired

4th 6 4th 7

5th Grade, American Gothic Self Portrait

5th  5th American Gothic Self Portrait

5th Grade, Purse Weaving

5th 11 5th 12

5th Grade, Maples Memories, Self Portraits from Kindergarten to 5th Grade

5th 7 5th 6 5th 8 5th 9 5th 10

5th 1 5th 2 5th 3 5th 4 5th 5


2011-2012 Dearborn Schools Citywide art show participants representing Maples. Buraq Mohammed 1 Buraq springHana Karnib K Hana familyHasan Alatabi 5 Hasan printHeba Chokr 4 Heba mona lisaIman Aboumourad 4 Iman mandalaKarim Dabaja 4 Karim weavingLaith Alghorbani 5 laith treehouseMohamed Saad 5 Mohamed weavingMohammad Obeid 2 Mohammad patternMostafa Al-Hashemi 5 Mostafa OP artNour Saab 3 Nour peacockTarteel Ahmed 3 Tarteel houseZeinab Almoamen 5 Zeinab ATC book

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