Maples is turning 90 years old this year! I’m sure the school misses us and wonders what is happening. Let’s draw the best birthday party ever! I’ve included some ideas below to get you started. Draw with whatever materials you have on whatever paper you have. Do not put your name on the front of your paper so I can post it online. I will be creating a drawing too! You should also write at least three sentences on the back of your paper about your party.

Click on this sentence to watch a video I made to help you.

When you are finished, take a picture of your work and send it to me at or to DOJO. I will post your artwork on this blog! Oh, and have fun! (Drawing Maples birthday party is one of the squares of the bingo game which you can find on this post or click here for K-2 or click here for 3-5. Art lessons are the same on each game. ) Save all of your artwork to bring back to school!

Art for Kids Hub on youtube.