Each February, Art Teachers hold their monthly art meeting in the School Board meeting room at the Administrative Service Center.  Art teachers change their work in their respective schools’ frames.  This includes a picture of a student holding artwork and a description of the project including the objective, description and a quote from the student.  With a frame for each school in the district, it’s quite an impressive display!


Goal:   To learn about the life and history of artist Paul Klee and design a treehouse.

Objective:  The students will demonstrate drawing and painting skills while using their imagination to design their very own treehouse.

Description:  The students listened to a book about artist Paul Klee.  They saw a slideshow of photos of real treehouses and a picture of Klee’s famous treehouse painting entitled “The Tree of Houses”.  As a class, they brainstormed everything they would like in their very own treehouse and sketched ideas in their sketchbooks.  They each drew and painted a treehouse and then wrote about it.

Student Quote:  “It was really fun to make this artwork.  I felt very creative.  I wish I had this treehouse for real!”    Celine – 4th Grade

Art Teacher – Mrs. Briggs, Maples