Parent Principal Forum

April 2017 Parent Principal Forum Meeting:




Parent Principal Forum Follow-up

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Parent Principal Forum Agenda:


Elementary ELD Specialist Introduction; Mrs. Hassan

M-Step Prep; Mr. Omar and Mr. Lawera

Counseling Updates; Ms. Peterson

School Updates; Mr. Lawera and Mr. Omar

Question and Answer

Thank you for attending this morning’s PPF meeting at Salina Int.


Here are the two M-Step prep/ practice sites we discussed during today’s meeting:




Parent Principal Forum:  Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016


8:40 – 8:55    Edsel Ford:  Updates by Principal
8:55- 9:30     ACCESS Presentation – ACCESS
9:30 – 9:40    Parent Resources: MyOn, etc. – Support Staff
9:40 – 10:00   New Comer Support – Support Staff






Feb Agenda

Handouts and info from today’s meeting:

Handouts from the Feb 17 PPF Meeting

Feb. Newsletter:

Feb Newsletter English Arabic Urdu together



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Salina Intermediate Parent Principal Forum

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


  1.  Welcome! Breakfast served
  2. NWEA Data
  3. SIP Visit Feedback
  4. Process of meetings
  5. Extended day and P.B.I.S. / I.S.S. (in school suspension)
  6. Updates: including the food drive and family movie night, etc.
  7. Q & A

PPF Agenda English and Arabic


Join us for our next monthly PPF (Parent Principal Forum) Meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday, November 24 at 1:00 in the conference room at Salina Intermediate School.

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Climate and Culture Inventory Score from Wayne Resa

Mini-Activity #4 copy.pptx

Above link:  Climate and Culture Presentation by Catherine Morrison, District Literacy Coordinator.  Featuring Salina Intermediate School.

Dearborn Public Schools Calendar 2015 & 2016 School Year


Parent Principal Forum Agendas and Parent /Community Venues Explanation:

Parent / Community Venues:

1.  PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

2.  PPF (Parent Principal Forum)

3.  PAG (Parent Advisory Group)

4.  CPEG (Community Partners for Education Group)

Note:  In addition, Salina Intermediate will offer the following educational courses for parents:  Various Parent Educational Workshops offered by the staff and /or Principal.  This will occur at least once a month.


Objectives for all groups:

1.  “To increase the achievement of all students and to eliminate the learning gaps.” – Michael Fullan

2.  To provide a safe and collaborative learning environment for all students. (PBIS – Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support)

3.  To create community and parent partnerships.


“Our purpose is to work together with a sense of urgency and shared responsibility to accelerate learning for every student.” – 3D Committee


1.  PTA:  (Parent Teacher Association):  This group will meet at least once a month.  Participants will learn about current and upcoming school activities for all children at Salina Intermediate.

2.  PPF: (Parent Principal Forum):  This group will meet once a month.  The purpose of this venue is for the Principal to inform participants of the current events withing the school.  (An informational meeting)

3.  PAG: (Parent Advisory Group):  This group is comprised of two parent leaders and possibly a committee.  Their purpose is to address concerns, issues or problems with school administration.  In addition, this group will communicate ideas on how they can help us to achieve our objectives.  They will meet and discuss the issues and/or ideas.  The Parent Advisory Group will then report the findings and conclusion back to the parents during the Parent Principal Forum.

* Note:  Participants who bring a concern or issue to this group must also offer a solution to address their issue or concern.  Their solution will be reviewed.

Many of the meetings end with parents reciting three positive changes or ideas from the previous month!  Thank you parents! :)

4.  CPEG (Community Partners for Education Group):

This group meets with the district representatives every 4-6 weeks.  Some members from the above venues also attend this meeting.  The purpose of this venue is to communicate ideas, concerns, positive things or issues with the Superintendent and Executive Directors of Student Achievement, and the Principals and A.P.’s of Salina Intermediate, Salina Elementary School and Edsel Ford High School.



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