Technical Difficulties by Zaynab Jomaa

April 3rd, 1973. This was the first time A person has ever touched a cell phone. Although the cellphone has been here for less than a century people have been active on it more than you think. These days people go on many different apps that helped them become very popular, and some even become celebrities. For example, Charlie Puth started on YouTube and is now a celebrity!

Iphone 12 Pro

According to Digital Commons, Smartphones are quite convenient for many of our busy lives because we can easily send a text message to relay information or swiftly send an email to accomplish the same goal as we would interacting in person.

These days when people need to do something like work, send emails, or even check on a person they can just write them a text. Many jobs and schools require technical skills to be successful.

Losing your personal connection with people can start to mess around with your mental health. Without noticing this could hurt the person you’re texting as well when you don’t check up on them anymore.

According to 8th grader Zeinab Alebadi, “Yes, I really do think cell phones are having a huge impact on people’s lives. But maybe not in a good way.”

1988 Motorola Car Phone; the closest to a modern day cell phone.

There are many pros and cons to having cell phones. To furthermore explain, some good things about technology these days is, you can interact with family or friends around the world. You can go on Google or Safari to search for something you need help with. 

Some bad things are phones are causing social anxiety and loneliness. Social anxiety and loneliness are both factors that add to the poor quality relationships or the lack thereof. Factually, social anxiety and loneliness numbers have doubled since this pandemic.

Mohamad Ehourani, an 8th grade student added, “I really do see a big difference on social media and how people are reacting and acting now. I’m kind of worried about how people are going to feel when they go back and see other people after this pandemic is hopefully over. ” 

The picture shows two boys using their cell phones and ignoring each other
The picture shows two boys outside, playing on their cell phones and ignoring each other

Not seeing people in person is affecting all types of people. School around the world has been virtual. Students are missing out on face to face interactions with their teachers and classmates.

Social media is also hurting people as well. Many people relied on social media apps as a way to make friendships and fight loneliness. People are being bullied, hurt, and harassed online daily. According to studies, people ages 18-55 are having suicidal thoughts from cyberbullying.

School for many students are a laptop and headphones.
School for many students is a laptop and headphones.

1973 is a year that people are going to remember. A year with creativity that led to good ideas and future problems. Society is so dependant on cell phones and other technology, we are forgetting how to socialize with other people.

The 50 years anniversary of cell phones is quickly approaching, and as history continues to be made are you going to watch it or be part of it.

Zaynab Jomaa

8th grade Journalism

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