Why We Need Them by Mohammedali Aoun

We think we don’t need pets. Ironically, now we need them more than we ever did. You could learn many things from pets or animals. They aren’t just pets, they could be a really good friend. They can take care of us emotionally and physically. This is why you should adopt one. If everyone in the world adopted one pet there would be no animal shelters.

First and foremost the reason why we need pets is that pets can help you feel less alone. They also help with depression and give us companionship. We also need them because they teach us discipline and responsibility. 

      All three of my interviewees have learned something from pets. Nerjes Hussein volunteered at an animal shelter and she learned that reading helps calm their nerves. She also says she “didn’t regret volunteering because she and the animals had fun.” The people that need animals are people that feel lonely and depressed. If you are lonely and depressed, getting a pet is a good idea.

    To the left, there is a graph showing that people that don’t have pets are more depressed than pet owners who do have pets. If this doesn’t show you how pets can help you, I don’t know what will! 

To add, The impact that it has on your life is that there will be more responsibilities coming into your life. With those responsibilities, you could learn something. Also, the responsibilities that you have with a pet are a lot but it is still fun.

Abdullah Talib states that he takes his “Shichon puppy named Milo out every hour, feeds him, and walks him.” That is not only good for the dog it is also good for Talib. So not only is it fun it will impact your life in many different ways by teaching you many different things.

Last but not least, You should get a pet when you can and when you feel like you need the companionship of one. They are a living thing, not medicine. 

The more pets that are adopted means fewer pets that have to live in an animal shelter. Many dogs are strays but eventually get taken to the pound and live there or in an animal shelter. They stay there until someone adopts them. 

 Mohammed Ali Kourani, says his bunnies brought him companionship when he played with them and he doesn’t regret it. He likes the responsibility because it prepares him for the future.

In conclusion, hopefully, this persuades you to get a pet and see what good it does in your life. Taking care of your pets will give a sense of routine and purpose. According to WebMD, people get way more discipline or more active providing what their pet needs even if it is feeding your fish. They can lead you out of depression and be socially active because most of the time people lack in meeting other people because of depression.

Mohammedali Aoun

8th grade


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