Opioid Crisis

 Opioid addictions have been growing and have been destroying people’s lives, family’s, future’s and etc… there are people who use their kids’ college tuition to pay for opioids. Many people abuse opioids, opioids are not supposed to be taken as a drug, they are highly addictive and have terrible side effects.

  Opioids side effects are drowsiness, confusion, nausea, pain relief, Euphoria, breathing problems, sweating, dry mouth, sedation, hallucination, myoclonus, seizures, pruritus, and constipation. Some of the side effects named are common and some are uncommon.

Opioids mainly affect the thalamus (an area in the brain) and the lower back. Opioids also affect your blood flow, brain, nervous system, digestive system, heart, liver, immune system, and respiratory system.

  Opioid receptors in the body: opioid receptors are scattered throughout the body, but a few key regions are involved in the effects (and side effects) of opioid drugs.

Brian: opioids bind to the receptors expressed in many parts of the brain, including the cerebellum, nucleus accumbens, and hypothalamus, many of these regions are for pain perception, emotion, and addiction.

  Doctor Qanita Ali says “opioids are a very serious problem and should not be taken as a joke I’ve gotten many patients using any excuse and doing whatever they can just to get there hands on opioids. And many of them are young and in their 20’s, they don’t understand what these little pills will do to them in the aftermath. Qanita also stated,” some addictions are because of genetics, and some people don’t get addicted at all.”

  Opioids can be sold at pharmacies and can be prescribed by almost any doctor, and they are not hard to find, opioids are pain killers and we’re supposed to be used only when you have serious pain, for example after an accident or a surgery.

  There are a lot of crooked doctors who prescribe opioids and other drugs and painkillers to make money, and the majority of people buying them are guys in there late 20’s early 30’s.

People like that are the reason why opioid addiction is growing, those people are putting their paycheck over human health.

  Metro Detroit pharmacy creates a cream as an alternative to opioid pills for chronic pain. Dr. Mohammed Sohoubah said he began experimenting with combining ingredients to make it into A creme 2009 and received training in both California and Florida.

He did a joint study with the university pain clinic for four months, and he said they were astonished at how quickly the cream worked. The cream is made locally and has the same medications that you would receive orally, only when in cream form, it goes directly to the pain on your knee or elbow instead of through your entire body. There have been 60,000 reported deaths in America due to opioids.

   By: Mohamed Ali

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