Truth about Walmart

According to to Chris Osterndorf from Dailydot, Walmart is one of the largest companies of America. Only a few the truth. As stated in the Daildot written by Chris, Walmart only had 52% health. Also this company takes advantage of its employees, for example their health care plans. An example of that if an employee got injured, they would not be covered with a healthcare plan. Walmart also hurts local communities, in ways we can’t come back from. Truth is walmart makes can make our economy worse, walmart can and have made an unstable  community with years to come.


Now some of you might think this is bizarre, but this company uses child workers. According to Chris Osterndorf (journalist from the Dailydot), over 50%  of Walmart foods comes from overseas. As a result of that it takes away American jobs. This company has also been accused of paying off foreign companies to “keep quiet”. In fact in Bangladesh the conditions of working in a factory for Walmart are very unsafe. In 2012 there was a fire that killed 111 people. The thing is it doesn’t stop at Bangladesh, there are more overseas factories with a very unsafe environment. Walmart has even been linked to slave trade. According to Chris/Dailydot.


A study from Harvard law the university has found that there were under age childern in these overseas factories. This study has also found that the children have been beaten and forced to work up to 14 hours, seven days a week. Their salaries are so low that they can’t even afford to buy toothpaste or a toothbrush. We know that this isn’t the first company that has child labor, but being one of the United States top market and still has not changed their ways is even worse for this country and these children.


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-Marym Alyasiry

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