Is College Actually Worth It?

    Have you ever wondered what a college student feels or what a parent feels when they have to play loads and loads of money for education? University Of Michigan student Zeinab Bazzi already finished 2 years of college with no debt and no loans after working hard at work and maintaining her allowance to keep herself on the right track to paying her own tuition. But, Ford Motor Company employee Hassan Bazzi tries even harder to help with 2 college tuitions and makes sure that his family keeps a roof over their head.

According to Zeinab Bazzi “I don’t feel so wrong about paying for education because it would do good for me in the future, I do believe that it shouldn’t be $11,304 for a year of college because many people can’t afford it.”  Zainab also believes that colleges should loosen up there tuition fees for the people that can’t pay it. People that can’t pay for tuition won’t be able to get a legit job and won’t be able to get enough money to have a family or maybe even live. “I experience friends having to leave college because they don’t have enough money.” Zainab tries to help other students with money and getting jobs but she also keeps in mind that she also needs help herself sometimes.

Hassan Bazzi works 8 hours a day Monday-Thursday at Ford Motor Company to make sure his children get a good education and a home. “I do think at times it’s a hard keeping up with the money and paying when we have a lot of bills, but then I remember how successful I want my children to be, That’s always a way to helps me not to give up and keep me motivated,” Hassan said. “No matter how hard and stressful it can be I will always choose my family first!” said Hassan. He doesn’t only make sure his children are successful he makes sure they are happy and always smiling.



14-year-old Sukayna Bazzi enjoys when she sees her older sister in the lane of success Although, sometimes Zainab gets annoyed when she barely sees her sister because she either always has homework or has to study. “I always choose to help my sister whether she needs someone to text her or someone to smack her to stay up,” Sukayna said. Even though sometimes she can’t really do things with her sister, they still find some time in their day to talk about what they’ve done today and talk about life, whether it’s at night or on the phone.

Even though the Bazzi family goes through a rough time paying tuition they always make sure to find a way to stay positive. “The one thing I love the most in my life is sitting together with my family talking and smiling,” Sukaya said. “There is nothing better in life than to see your family successful,” Hassan said. No matter how much they have to pay for tuition the Bazzi family just wants to see and make sure that everyone in the family is successful and happy In the future and in their life.

-Zahra Bazzi

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