Do I really need these classes?

       Are electives as important as core classes? Electives prepare us for the future and teach us the basics of survival. Electives like sewing and cooking help us in our future lives, but are they  just as important as the core classes such as math and science, and Language Arts?

       Some people believe that core classes are much more important than electives, but others believe that electives are just as important. Why are they important though? “They teach us many things that prepare us for life,” 7th grader, Wala Alsabkha. Electives are optional classes that don’t have to be taken like cooking and sewing. “Electives might spark an interest and could give you knowledge about different careers,” 8th grader, Noar Hussein, says. Electives also give us a chance to see different choices for different career choices we could have. “It helps you get a glimpse on what other careers you can have other than the ones that involve your core classes,” middle school student, Reem Kassir, says.

       Math, science, language art, and social studies are considered core classes and most people would even consider them as the most important classes. They’re the academic and required classes. “I don’t think electives are important and they are more of a fun thing then a necessary thing at school,” 8 grader, Grace Levine said.

       Not all schools have electives. “My school does not have electives and electives prevents being seated all day while studying then writing down what you studied,” Sarah, a Belgian student states. Electives can be beneficial, but also a fun class for some people. Electives are not academic and people can enjoy that class and see it as a break from their other classes.

       In conclusion, do you believe that electives are as important as core classes? Math, science, language arts, and social studies are very important, but how about classes like cooking and sewing? Not everyone wants to go to college and continue their education so electives could help them with basic skills that could help them in their daily lives.

Shayma Aljabali

Middle School Journalist


  1. In some waya I can relate to this story because I think of electives like I don’t need them but then I realize that why would they give me electives if they wont prepare me in the future.

  2. I think that electives are not important as core classes. Electives such as Art, Gym , And Band/Orchestra are not very needed , But Electives such as Arabic and Keyboarding should be standard. But personally I say we just have core classes.

  3. As a middle schooler, I believe that both electives and core classes are important. Obviously, core classes are needed because those are the classes that will help us be who we want to be in the future. Moreover, electives are also important because some of them such as gym, will get us active and the others interested. So all in all core classes are important too.

  4. I think that electives are not as important as core classes. They both are important but core classes are mostly for education purposes. Especially reading and math are really important. Electives are important and they define you as well and show you who you are and your skills. I say we have both core and elective classes.

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