Popular Amongst Citizens but not Politicians


There’s protests all over the country all about Donald Trump winning the presidency! The 2016 election took an unexpected twist and people thought that the projected winner would be former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was projected to win 25 of the largest states in the U.S, but she only won 21 states on November 8th.

       Hillary Clinton lost a huge number of electoral votes on Election Day. The states that Hillary was thought to win, but went to Republicans side instead were, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Pennsylvania.

The tipping point of the election that decided everything was Pennsylvania with 20 electoral votes. Pennsylvania was said to take the side of the Democrats, but when it fell into the hands of Donald Trump, the election was over. Mehdi Ridha, an 8th grade student from Unis Middle School, said, “I think Hillary lost because Bill Clinton had a bad record during his time as president and people wouldn’t want somebody related to him as president.”

Clinton Crace, a 6th and 7th grade Math teacher at Unis Middle School responded with, “Hillary lost because no one likes a crooked liar for president. Trump isn’t a liar, if he says he’s going to build a wall, he’s going to build a wall!”

      Hillary’s supporters are having Anti-Trump protests/rallies all over the country. The first Anti-Trump protest that happened on June 17, Trump’s first rally in New Hampshire, protesters entered the rally holding up signs. The most protests in one day occurred on November 10th, two days after Election Day, there were 23 protests in a total of 15 states.

Donna Barranger

Donna Barranger, a 7th grade Language Arts teacher at Unis Middle’s opinion is, “I think that the anti-Trump protests are people’s way of coping with the fact that their candidate lost. The funny thing is, they had asked Trump over and over and Hillary had made a point of asking him if he would accept the election results. Then, very ironically, her supporters were the ones that didn’t accept it.”

Also, Malek Hazime, a journalist at Unis Middle school clarified, “There’s no point on protesting, the election is over, the decision is made, and the government doesn’t have the power to change the president elect.”

      Not only did the Democrats lose the presidency, they also lost the House of Representatives and the Senate, so now the Republican Party is now in control of the entire Federal Government. The last time this happened was when George W. Bush was president in 2003-2007.

Mehdi Ridha said, “George Bush was on of the most corrupt presidents in history! He’s the one who started sending troops to the Middle East and caused a huge war. If America just stayed out of it, then things would have been better.” Hillary made the Democrats lose everything. people think it was because of her bad reputation as Senator and Secretary of State, and of her husband, Bill Clinton when he was president.

      This year’s election had the two most corrupt candidates in history! Many people thought that Hillary would be the winning candidate, but Trump left almost everyone in shock. Hillary was projected to win 25 of the largest states in America, it was no doubt that she would win. T

he country is in such an outrage that Anti-Trump Protests have happened in hundreds of cities and schools. The Republicans are in control of all of Congress and the Presidency. The Republicans can pass laws really easily when Donald Trump goes into office because Congress has the Republican majority, and many people are not happy about it. Most people think that Donald Trump will ruin the U.S and think he will be removed from office, only time will tell.

Alirida Noureddine

Unis Middle School Journalist

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