Mitt and Trump. Friends?

Friends or Enemies? Mitt Romney former republican nominee runner up for the 44th president, was enemies with Trump, but now friends with the now 45th president of the United States of America. Recently, Donald Trump and Mitt Romney ate dinner at Jean- Georges, who used to be one of the president-elect’s most outspoken republican, is now under consideration for Secretary of State. Is Donald Trump actually taking him under consideration for Secretary of State after calling president-elect Trump “Cruel” and “Not fit to run for president”?

The conversations between Trump and Romney began after the former Massachusetts governor called Trump to congratulate him on his victory. Hussain Dabaja, an 8th grader says,“Mitt Romney should’ve became the president of the United States when he had the chance.It would’ve benefited the country more,” he quoted. “When he has the chance?” Did he have a chance of beating Obama?

If Romney weren’t so eager to be Secretary of State, and so pious an individual, it might have been assumed that his reference to “affairs throughout the world” was a none-too-subtle jab at Trump. Zeinab Jouni, an 8th grader says “They are up to something, because I know me as a person, if any of my friends talked about me I wouldn’t be happy.” Samar Jouni,says “All this talk about Trump and Mitt Romney is fake, because it’s politics and people don’t really pay attention to what’s really happening.”

“It’s like old times” Romney quoted. Rubbing his hands together and flashing a smile that stretched all the way from his bottom teeth to his upper lip, he added, “I had a wonderful evening with President elect-Trump.” Mohammed Bazzi, an 7th grader says,“Mitt Romney isn’t fit for Secretary of State just like he said about Trump “Not fit to be president.”Why wouldn’t he pick Hillary Clinton to become his Secretary of State?” Who will Trump pick next for his now 8 remaining spaces for his cabinet?

 In conclusion, will Mitt Romney be a decent Secretary of State? Who knows? Maybe they will go to Iraq as Donald Trump said about Hillary and Obama to create a new better version of ISIS.

Hussein Alsaidi

Middle School Journalist   

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