Snow is hailing, winter is arriving. That means Christmas is on its way! Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, which is on December twenty-fifth, as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. Lots of students and their families here, in Dearborn, MI, celebrate Christmas.

Lots of people all around the world celebrate Christmas. It’s crazy how Christmas started long, long ago and it’s still celebrated now. Lots of Muslims celebrate Christmas too. They set decorations, a traditional Christmas tree, and presents. A Unis Middle School student, Danya Aljebory, stated, “Christmas is one of my most favorite holidays. Besides the perks of presents, I love spending time with my family and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.”

For many Muslims, Christmas is a religious holiday that challenges the Muslim interpretation of Jesus, it’s also a secular celebration. Muslims probably don’t do every single thing Christians do, such as caroling, but we still celebrate it together as a family.We do because we believe it’s the birth of Nabi Issa, also known as, Jesus Christ.
“I go over my relatives. We get everyone presents and leave it under the Christmas tree to open up later. We just hang, talk, eat, and have a good time. Later, we would like to play games, like charades or board games. When we finish with that, we would give everyone their presents and watch a movie all together. We’d make hot cocoa and desserts. The best part is telling stories from our childhood and talking about embarrassing moments that happened to us,” is what Hadil Fawaz explained, a ninth grader that attends Fordson High School.

In conclusion, people around the world celebrate Christmas. Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, has its own unique holidays with some customs we share in common. One last person that had something to say was Ms. Agemy, a teacher that teaches Computer Applications at Unis Middle School, stated, “Being born in the United States, we still have family gatherings, get togethers, a Christmas tree, and exchange gifts. It’s very festive. On Christmas Eve, I get together with my friends to have some dinner. I love playing fun games with their kids.” So, do you celebrate Christmas?

Zeinab Osseili

Unis Middle School Journalist


  1. This story was so nice and interesting because every one loves Christmas but it would of been better if they incloud when christams stared and if they asked younger kids if they loved christams as well.

    Hadil bittar
    3-20-17 1st hour

  2. Christmas is really fun holiday for lots of people. People all around the world celebrate Christmas I really like Christmas my self, I don’t put up a tree up but I go to my grandmas and hang out with my family and get presents. we play fun games and do secret Santa.

  3. Christmas is a wonderful day to enjoy with your family or even drink hot cocoa on the couch watching a movie. Lots of people like little kids like christmas and believe in santa. Lots of people in the world have christmas spirit. Some people like christmas because of the presents more than anything. In my opinion I love christmas all of the presents and all the decorations are so amazing.

  4. This story says a lot about christmas and what religions celebrate it and what religions don’t. I think that christmas is a time of the year were you should spend time with your family and have fun. Christmas to me is one of the most relaxed and fun holiday’s because you have a lot of free time and you don’t have to worry about school or work that way you can go out and eat with your family or stay in and sleep.

    Ahmad Aoun 7th hour

  5. In my opinion christmas is fun holiday because people get gifts and mostly they celebrate it with their family. In my religion we dont celebrate christmas but we buy gifts.

    Abdulsattar Nasser
    3RD HOUR

  6. I love Christmas , it’s my favorite holiday to spend with my family. I feel like Christmas is a great holiday to spend with family and bond. Most families don’t see each other often and the holidays is the best way to spend time with family. My favorite part is opening gifts with the people you love around you, It’s exciting to know what you get as a gift to see if your family members know you as well as you think they do. I love Christmas and it is a very nice holiday to celebrate.

    Gana Mukhal
    7th hour

  7. That was somewhat interesting. It had some nice details and it told us when the dirt of Jesus was. That is a really important day for some religions. I think they could have added more detail to this Christmas writing. Not everyone likes Christmas but I know I do. So this writing could have had more facts, but that was still a god writing.

    Daoud Dabaja
    1st hour

  8. Personally, Christmas isn’t something I look forward to because my family doesn’t really celebrate it. However, we do sometimes watch movies together as a family. I believe this is a really nice story. It shows that many people believe that just because they are Muslim, they can’t celebrate Christmas. However, those people are misdirected because Christmas is the birth of Jesus, who is the Prophet Issa.

  9. I think Christmas is very big event that is celebrated every year and i think we should have something like this at school. like creating a whole school donation with toys for people who don’t have the money to buy toys for there kids.

  10. I really enjoyed this story. Actually Chrismas is my favorite holiday. I also celebrate christmas. I celebrate by making a christmas party at my aunts house and hanging out with family is very meaningful to me. It is a tradition to this in my family and I think christmas isn’t only for the christians. Many other religions take place in christmas although it is t their own holiday.

  11. Christmas is a very big holiday celebrated in America. I would love to celebrate Christmas all my life If heard how great it Is but I don’t celebrate it unfortunately. If it was okay I would celebrate Christmas maybe we could if it a try once.

  12. Personally Christmas is my favorite holiday not only the gifts and spending time with your family but getting out of school for 2 weeks. Getting out of school and clearing your mind of the things you learned then filling it with memories made in those 2 weeks is amazing. I love waking up on Christmas Eve with my family and my relatives and going down to our tree to open our gifts. Its especially amazing when we do secrete Santa and we all sit there looking like idiots guessing who the gifts are from. I love the feeling when you know your about to open the present that you really wanted its like your winning the lottery. After we open all gifts and thank each other for everything we sit next to the fire and enjoy each others company while we make jokes and tell stories. Then the next morning the actual Christmas morning we all go out to breakfast and then later on in the day the whole family comes and we have a big family dinner and we play games and take lots of pictures with everyone and mostly of the food.

  13. I really like Christmas its a fun holiday to spend with family! Every Christmas I go to my grandmas house and play fun games. we always have so much fun my aunt is always the one to get us the best presents. I love seeing my family happy. my favorite part is opening gifts and giving gifts.

  14. To me Christmas is the happiest holiday of all. I look forward to only this holiday every year and the snow outside with all the Christmas traditions. I cant begin to explain how amazing I think this holiday is. Christmas is just something that took over the world, however some religions and some Muslim families don’t celebrate this holiday for religious reasons. I think this was very well written an really explains the feeling of Christmas.

  15. Christmas has to be my favorite holiday out of all. The atmosphere built around this holiday is incredible. My family and I put up a Christmas tree every year and then help my grandma put hers up too. Every Christmas we do secret santa but everyone ruins it because everyone ends up getting someone a gift well above the price point! But all in all Christmas is a warm holiday that everyone likes to enjoy and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

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