Tablets V.S Textbooks


Did you know what there are many schools that use tablets instead of textbooks? Tablets can help students learn material more faster. There are many schools that prefer textbooks over tablets. Tablets can also be sometimes difficult to operate, especially for some students. All these technological devices including tablets are prevalent in almost every place.

Some students prefer textbooks over tablets. One of those people is Eman Fakhreddine, an 8th grade student who goes to Unis middle
school.  According to, hand held technological devices including tablets are associated with a range of health problems. Eman stated that, “reading from textbooks can increase your reading level”.

A lot of people believe that the more you read the more you comprehend and remember things more. “Sometimes the internet can give you wrong information”, says Eman. Trying to find answers from a textbook is better for memory retention and focus. Not just trying to find answers but even reading from a textbook.

There are many teachers that prefer both tablets and textbooks. Sukaina Saleh is one of those people. She is a second grade teacher at International Islamic Academy (IIA). “My opinion is to use both in classes since one complements the other”, says Mrs.Saleh. Tablets have many things textbooks don’t have, and textbooks have many things tablets don’t have.

“Technology is fantastic but so are books!”, says Mrs.Saleh. She also stated, “I feel that the kids using books in their hands, turning the pages is something classic.” She personally feels that we shouldn’t use one over the other.

So does Mr.Farhat, principal at Unis Middle School. “My choice would have to be a combination of both”, says Mr.Farhat. He also said, “Technology is a major part of society and it can make information and resources more accessible.” Tablets are supported by many teachers and students. To have a combination of both in classes would be a good idea. Tablets allow students to be engaged in their lessons and so do textbooks.

Not everyone believes that we should have just textbooks or a combination of both textbooks and tablets. Dena Saeed, a student that goes to Unis Middle School believes that we should just use tablets in classes. “Tablets hold more files and pictures”, says Dena. Dena also stated that, “Tablets are fun and easy to use unlike textbooks.”

Many people have different opinions on what should be used in classes. Both tablets and textbooks have some pros and some cons. Anything that can help students learn material in their classes is accurate.

Unis Middle School Journalist, Mariam Shenaq


  1. In my opinion i wouldn’t really care if we used a tablet of textbook as long as they both provide the information we need to educate our selves. Both objects are useful in school and they both provide the information we need to successful in life.

    Gana Mukhal
    7th hour

  2. In my case if i was a student i would rather learn on tablets than textbooks. First of all tablets can help students learn material faster. Tablets are more appealing to students than a textbook, they would have fun and by learning so much with out them even knowing. Technology is a major part of society and it can make information easier to understand. All in all textbooks are a great sources of knowledge but the future is now and after all theses years there is finally something that can provide so much knowledge that students also enjoy.

  3. I get that you think that the internet could give you the wrong information but thats probably not what your going to use a tablet for, in this case just for school you would take notes on the tablets. Even if, when you use a textbook you take notes so I think you would do the same with a tablet. I believe that it would be nice to have tablets but how could your school even have enough money in their budget to blow off on 30 tablets for most of the classes in the middle school. They wouldn’t really because tablets are pretty expensive and schools aren’t well funded.

    Abdullah alsaid
    7th hour

  4. Ahmed Taleb
    1st Hour

    In my opinion I think this article is very descriptive in a lot of ways but I think tablets would be funner to use than textbooks the reason for that is most unis kids don’t like reading textbooks but I can guarantee you every kid in unis likes to use tablets. Another reason I think tablets are better than textbooks is because 90% of kids would prefer tablets over textbooks. The last reason tablets are better than textbooks is because more kids would wanna study with tablets than studying with textbooks.

  5. I got a little irritated at the comment of “textbooks can raise your reading level” as an argument against using tablets. Reading from a tablet rather than book can raise your reading level just as much, because of online books. It also saves paper and uses up less trees to use tablets, but I do not think we should completely stop using textbooks. Textbooks can be very useful, as can tablets. I agree with Mr. Farhat about how it should be a combination of both. They work hand in hand when it comes to raising our scores and reading levels.

  6. In my opinion I would rather have technology rather then textbooks because technology is something we use in our everyday lives now. Even though we probably learn more on textbooks but sooner or later they would no longer be available. Most students would actually prefer technology then textbooks. Tables are also easy and fun to use, the students would enjoy learning in classes if they put tablets instead of textbooks.

  7. My idea is that you should be able to use both, if you are having trouble with the tablet, phone, what ever technology device you are using you could just go to the books, if you can’t find something in the book and a lot of students might be more interested in the technology devices to use. But, at the same time, these devices could be robbed, they could be opening up another tab doing whatever they want playing a video game, pictures so either way it’d be a lot of money, and work. Unless, we just keep the books.

  8. I strongly believe using tablets over textbooks is a better idea for o generation because children nowadays have phones, iPad and much more technology therefor they are more familier with them and maybe also enjoy using them more. “Not just trying to find answers but even reading from a textbook.” this quotes why its easier in textbooks i don’t agree with this because i feel they would learn better on something that usually enetertains them.

  9. I think that most of the students will prefer tablets rather than textbooks. But tablets are too expensive to buy for the whole school. Many students are not going to use the tablets like they are supposed to use them. A student could play games and do a lot of other stuff on tablets. Besides, I also agree that many people have trouble using a tablet. In conclusion, I think that we should just stick to textbooks. They are not as expensive and they are easier to use.

    Mohammed rahal first hour

  10. In my opinion It would be tablets over textbooks. For one, I am a student my self and i find it more appealing if technology is used, yes technology is a big part of our society and it does have a big roll but textbooks and tablets are equally the same and the same information inside. Also students would have a fun learning experience using tablets because its more fun and interesting in my opinion.

    Gana Mukhal
    1st hour

  11. I believe that tablets or iphones and such are better. They can provide you more information and less amount of time. They help a lot in any subject you need. Jornalism, math, language arts, and even science. Google or Safari can provide you with all the information you need for any subject or basically any thing you want. In my opinion we should start using tablets or iphones or and device for our work in class more often.

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