Hippy Modernism vs Today’s Culture

Did you know, people in the 60’s invented an inflatable chair, a family sweater, and a money poster? In the 1960’s it was the time period of the Hippies! They had very creative clothes and art. I interviewed students in the Unis Middle School Journalism class, and this class has been to Cranbrook Art Museum. Would some students or teachers rather live in the 60’s culture? Are problems back then, still problems today?

       Zeinab Alghanem, an 8th grade student attending the Unis Middle School Journalism Class, states that,”I really like hippy modernism, because of bright, vivid, neon colors.The paintings tell stories, but I wouldn’t be able to survive in the 60’s.” There are many differences between today’s culture, and cultures back then. “Unlike today’s culture, there culture was more open, and knew what was happening at the time.” For example, the Hippies knew that the government was pitying the poor, with another version of the bridge card.

April Kincaid, and 8th grade journalism teacher, and a 7th grade social studies teacher, says that,”The posters were actually very nice. Not only does it have bright colors, but the topics of the posters were very deep, and current.” Bright colors were excessively used back then, and the issues were so controversial, it can grab any interested person’s attention. “I am okay with today’s culture. Technology makes life easier, 60’s was very turbulent, and there was so much going on that it was very hard to get in contact with people.”

    Amira Said, an 8th grade student attending Unis Middle School Journalism Class, quotes,”I would rather live in today’s culture, because it seems that back then there were a lot of problems and protests.” For instance, there was a great extent of racism against blacks, and against the poor. Many problems back then, are still problems today. “Definitely, there was a lot of racism against African Americans, (Black lives matter).”

Emily Staugaitis, a Cranbrook employee who tours and helps students, says,”I like hearing what students have to say, what they are curious about, what connections they make, what they think is “bad art” or “good art”, and how those things shift and change as people grow and change.” To sum it up, Emily enjoys hearing different opinions and perspectives on art. Changing the subject, the problems of the 60’s could still be problems today. Emily’s opinion is the same as the rest.”We are still facing very serious issues of inequality and unjust treatment of minority groups. Some progress has been made, but there is a ton more to be done.”

The 60’s culture consisted of bright, vivid colors. But think about it, would you like to live in the 60’s? “I think I would live in today’s culture, because of the advances we have made. Despite the horrible things going on right now,(Syria, refugee crisis, political instability, police violence, women’s rights, the US and abroad, inadequate funding for schools, e.t.c). I think we have more tools to connect with each other now than we did in the 60’s.”

To conclude, overall, Hippy Modernism had a culture with very crazy bright colors, and many controversial issues that are still problems today! In the 60’s, many people were pitied by the government with food stamps. Overall, looks like students and teachers would like to stay in today’s society!

~Jaafar Chahrour, A Unis Middle School Journalist, and blog editor

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