Friday Prayer at Fordson

Religion is the priority of some, and the last thing on the mind of others Muslim students at Fordson High School in Dearborn, MI care about their religion. They’ve been praying Friday prayer after school since the second semester of the last school year. Parents and students alike are happy with the fact that religion can be practiced at school.


“It’s a good idea for kids to pray after school.” Fatima Mrech, parent of two FHS students says. “It has a very positive influence on them. After attending some of these prayers, I noticed that my son was starting to act better.” She also says that her son really likes these prayers and encourages other students to attend. “I’m very happy with this decision and I want to thank the school and the principal for allowing this to take place. I hope that all high schools in America accept Jummah prayer as well.”
Some people are confused as to why Fordson is allowing students to pray after school. Khansa Alhaidi, a Junior at Fordson High School says that it’s all freedom of religion. “You can’t tell students that they can’t follow their religion. It’s a part of the student’s identity,” Alhaidi says.  A big reason why Fordson also accepted Friday prayer was because parents requested it.

Mazen Abbasi, father of another FHS student that attends these prayers states, “Jummah is a must for every male Muslim. Since the Muslim percentage is large enough in Fordson, the request cannot be ignored.” Abbasi is very happy that his child doesn’t miss Friday prayer during school days anymore.
While attending these prayers, there’s a lot to consider. The opportunity that your school is giving you by allowing these prayers to happen. There are countries where being Muslim and praying results in death or torture. The peace of mind you get while listening to the Imam, the person who leads the prayer, give the Khutbah, a public preaching of Islam. “These Khutbas are beneficial and I’m very happy that they’re going on. These prayers are a great convenience,” 11th grader Issa Ghaleb explains. Students and parents enjoy the fact that their children don’t have an excuse to miss Friday prayer anymore.
The only improvement that some students suggest is the need for more attendees. A freshman, Fatima Hawari elaborates, “People should take advantage of what’s going on in their school, especially when they’re given the opportunity.”
You can tell that the students attending these Friday prayers at Fordson High School think highly of them. They relish the fact that they can pray Friday prayer at school. It’s a unanimous agreement. They absolutely love it.



Mariam Odeh
Unis Middle School Journalist


  1. I really agree with Fordsons decision. I strongly believe that a students gets to practice there religion at school. Especially praying Jummaah prayer. In the religion is Islam a male has to pray Jummah. Praying at school helps the student behave more and be more nice. I wish one day Unis lets us pray. I believe that all schools in Dearborn get to pray in their school.

    Mustafa Alrayyashi 3RD HOUR

  2. I agree I wish we would be able to pray jummah prayer at unis. I like how fordson thinks that it is freedom of religon. This would really give us a time to relax for a few minutes and calm students down. I love all the detailed quotes.

    ~ Abrar Ahmed

  3. In my opinion I also believe that prayers every Friday will effect student behavior. They can pray to there god and set there selves straight. Many schools have a half a day every Friday because of prayers for and example Star International Academy.

  4. I think friday prayers in forson is a GREAT idea because it will increase any students behavior. It is a great idea because students would not lie to their parents and say they prayed but they did not. The idea of having to pray every friday is awesome!

  5. I think this is a very amazing opportunity given to these students at FHS. This article gave a good review about that and I much liked the way you interviewed students and parents of students and their reviews about their children after this. I really like this and hope all high schools adapt to this idea as well. I think the whole U.S. is a little too much considering vast amounts of Muslims as in Dearborn aren’t really all over the U.S. I myself would like to have an opportunity to get to pray at school. Good Job on this article, truly flawless on all points. – Zaid Omari 2nd Hour Table 3.

  6. I really liked this idea of praying in school. The Reason why because you will always be on time for prayer and others wont miss it as well. Because prayer in Muslim religion is like you have to do no excuses or anything even if its not time for that type of prayer you still have to pray it.

  7. I really like the idea of Friday prayer at school. I like this idea because at that age it is obligatory for Muslims to pray on time I also think it is a good idea because after prayer and spending time with god students are going to be influenced to do good during the rest of the day. I like how you inter viewed the parents for support.

    Ali Ghoul 3rd hour

  8. Are Christian prayers held after school? Jewish, etc.? If not, this is discrimination and against the law when it comes to public education. And just for clarity, it doesn’t matter if the majority want it or not. Sounds as though this school is a private school for Islam adherence. It would be legal in that instance?, but then no government support can be given

    • Fully agree. Catechism after school was abolished by the ACLU as it went against the idea of “Seperation of Church and State.” Just because one group “requires” it now doesn’t mean the Dearborn School District should provide accommodations.

  9. I think Friday prayers is a good idea because it gives a chance for some people to actually feel like they belong. also I feel that. its a good idea for students to express their religion in their school. I really like this idea it gives good intentions twards the students.

  10. Allowing students to learn their religion in school is beyond massive! There are some islamic schools in Dearborn MI that allow you to pray during prayer time which is a really cool idea.

  11. I feel that if you are allowed to pray on Friday it will change students behavior. Knowing that your allowed to pray at school is a privallage especially in FHS. This idea of praying on Friday at your school or yet looking at teachers that respect it is a honor for not just that religion but that community.

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