Not Making the Playoffs

A swing and a miss. What happened to the Detroit Tigers this season. The Tigers season record is 74-87. Those are not the Tigers I know. Many Unis Middle School students

Detroit Tigers fans are disgusted how they played this season, as Malaak Zahra stated, “It’s sad how they finished the season and not motivated to do more.” Also, Sonia Gomez said, it’s disappointing that my home team cannot make the playoffs i was looking towards baseball season and see my home team win.’’ Ms. hassoun says, the Tigers need a change in their team on the field and they need a new coach.

The Milve news source talks about how the Detroit Tigers have a bad start because of their pitching injuries. Losing is a team effort, so it’s an oversimplification to point to one issue or one player and say it’s the definitive reason the Tigers saw their string of four consecutive American League Central titles come to an end this year.

Hope the tigers can start out good next year. As everyone said they need to improve. Also, pray for the tigers to make it next season.

Musa Saeed

Middle School Journalist

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