Mar 19 2020

Quiz and IXL

Hello everyone!

Quiz for Lesson 5 and 6 has been posted. Complete it through Google Classroom by Wednesday, March 25 at 3pm.

You may have gotten an e-mail with information about how to log in to IXL for Science. I highlighted some skills on the 8th grade Science tab that go along with what we learned this year and what can help in terms of MSTEP practice. Right now IXL is optional but later on I might use your progress on IXL to help you out with extra credit. It’s worth looking at what they have there if you’re bored. 🙂

Mar 18 2020

Chromebook Pickup

Good evening everyone!

If your family would benefit from having a school Chromebook at home to do distance learning, 8th grade students are welcome to come to the school tomorrow from 3-4:30pm. There is a limit of one Chromebook per family / household, so if your parent picked one up already please share it with all of the children in the house.

Identification is needed to sign out a Chromebook. If you do not have a student ID available to pick one up, then you will need your parent’s valid ID and you will need to be with them and have your student ID number memorized.

I am going to try to make it out to 8th grade pickup but I have been very busy homeschooling my own children and helping members of my community get the things they need! I am not sure what tomorrow looks like for me yet. If I am free I will absolutely be there and I hope I can because I miss you all!

Mar 18 2020


Hey everybody! I just wanted to give you all an update and some helpful hints (again).

Today I called about 20 parents of students who have not signed up for Google Classroom yet. Most students have the tools needed at home to do online work and it is expected and graded that you are following those expectations online! We have two assignments due on Friday in Science and I’m sure many of your other classes have work due this week, as well. A quiz will be posted soon that will be due next Monday, as well, that you are able to work on with your notes available.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, scroll back a few posts and consider using one of the documents I created to keep track of due dates. If all of your teachers are using Google Classroom, there is an even easier solution as you can look at your Google Classroom to-do list and keep track of everything that way. However, if some of your teachers are using iLearn instead, you may need to keep a planner of some kind on your own. When I am doing digital learning, I like to keep my planner digitally in my Google Drive. That’s why I shared those documents. If you are more of a paper-pencil person, you can always print or use an already-printed calendar, use your school planner, or draw a planner to use for the next few weeks.

I will be making more parent phone calls to any student who has not started on Online Assignment #1 or #2. I can see your progress on the assignment even if you have not submitted it. If there is nothing written on either assignment by tomorrow night, I am going to assume that I need to speak to your parent about it because the assignments are due on Friday. I do not want you to fall behind and I want your parent to understand how online education works!

Helpful Tips:

  • Check Student e-mail every single day Monday through Friday
  • Bookmark every teacher’s iBlog and open them up to read every single day OR subscribe to each one so you get e-mail updates
  • Log on to Google Classroom daily to look at your assignments. I have been returning assignments graded every night and keeping caught up with it. If changes need to be made to your assignment, they have to be completed before Friday at 3:00 PM (due date & time).
  • Keep a planner (digital, paper, calendar, etc.) to stay organized
  • E-mail your teachers if you have questions or concerns but be patient waiting for their response. I am not sitting by my computer during school hours and neither are you! I am working with my own children on their work and helping people in my community to make sure they have food and toilet paper and other essentials that are hard to find in the stores. It’s OK if I don’t answer right away — I promise I will get back to you in a timely manner!
Mar 17 2020

Google Classroom

Thank you to those of you who have registered on Google Classroom. I am still missing about 25 people, though! Check in with your friends and find out of they have logged on yet. They should have started online schooling yesterday (Monday). I know a lot of you started Friday which is great! If you know for sure a friend has no way to log on please e-mail me about it so I can reach out to them and see if we can get them connected.

Keep working on the two assignments posted. If you didn’t get the full points you can fix your answers and resubmit the assignment. Right now the grade is only visible on Google Classroom. After Friday’s due date, I will go through and transfer the grades to our regular gradebook.

Expect your Lesson 5-6 quiz to be assigned during the day on Wednesday. Review the two sets of notes I posted to the Google Stream for more information!

Mar 15 2020


Please check the classroom stream. I posted Lesson 5 notes that you got before the school closure and Lesson 6 notes which you have not seen or read before. You will be needing both for a quiz that I will post later this week. You should study them a little bit each day to prepare.

Otherwise, focus on finishing your two online assignments before Friday. Encourage your friends to get online, check iBlogs, log in to Google Classroom, etc!

Mar 14 2020

Online Assignment #2

Two online assignments are posted and active on Google Classroom. They are both due the same day, Friday March 20. Check the stream for a screencast from me where I’m talking and telling you how to complete Assignment #2.

Here are the Google Classroom codes if you needed them:
1st hour: i6r4vrh
2nd hour: qomfgx3
3rd hour: 22rwh6w
4th hour: xvehe77
6th hour: brzjguh

Please expect Online Assignment #3 very soon. I know it feels like a lot of work. It may help you to create a schedule for yourself that is similar to how you would work if you were at school. Get up and start by 8AM, have lunch at 10:30AM, take an exercise break whatever time you would normally have gym, etc. The closer you can stay to your regular schedule, the easier this transition will be.

Our normal bell schedule:
A2 8:00 – 8:15
1st 8:20 – 9:16
2nd 9:21 – 10:17
Lunch 10:23 – 10:53
3rd 10:58 – 11:53
4th 11:58 – 12:53
5th 12:58 – 1:54
6th 1:59 – 2:55

Mar 13 2020


Keeping Track of Your Work

Try one or both of these by “Making a Copy” and typing your assignments into the boxes as you learn about them so that you don’t forget. Use different font colors or features to change the assignment title, or delete it completely from the list as you finish the assignment so that the file shows you what you currently have to work on.

Checking All Your Resources

When I get to work in the morning, there are a bunch of things I need to open on my computer to start the day. I use a website to post bellwork, check e-mail, post attendance, look at the daily announcements, Second Step for A2, etc. Each one is a different website that I open every single day. You are being asked to keep track of at 4-6 blogs, e-mail, Google Classroom, etc. which are all different websites as well. I have streamlined my morning by creating Bookmark folders where I can open all my website windows at the same time.

Work Space

Working at school feels easier because it is an environment specifically designed for you to do work. Home is not designed for work. Home is designed for comfort. Naps. Play. Music. Family. Distractions. It can be very hard to convert to online learning from home because there are so many things you would rather do. Check the Woodworth Middle School iBlog for a suggested time schedule to follow and try to create a space at home where the priority is work. For example, set rules. Only school work happens at the kitchen table during specific times. No TV during work time. Save the hardest work to do for when your little brother or sister is usually sleeping so that you have a quiet space. Look for ways to make your life easier!

Other Thoughts

This is new to all of us, you AND me. I have taken dozens of online classes and I am currently doing online learning for my Master’s degree so I know it can be very difficult to make school work a priority over Fortnite or that new Netflix special. Most colleges make you take a crash course in how to use the online resource, where to find help, how to complete the work, etc. We didn’t have time for that!

I just want to let you know I’m here for you. E-mail me and then give me some time to respond. We’re all doing our best. Good luck and best wishes!

Mar 13 2020

Online Learning

First and foremost, I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding. Arriving to school today, it was so strange to walk the halls with none of you in them! As teachers we barely knew what to do with ourselves.

Instead of classes today, your teachers gathered with Ms. Hassan to begin discussing how to continue to provide you a quality education amidst the school closure. Mr. Saleh and I spent the morning creating our first online assignment which has been posted to Google Classroom already. Once we were up and running, I cleaned up my classroom and shut it down for the extended time off. Then, I had to leave to pick up my own children and find out what I need to do as their parent to maintain high standards for their education. It has been a very long day full of tough conversations and big changes for everyone involved!

Some of you have been feeling panicked because the information is not getting to you very quickly. I just wanted to thank you for your patience on this matter. All of your teachers are completely reorganizing what we planned to do for you over the next month and coming up with ways to deliver it to you without being able to “teach.” A lot of the things we would say and do with you, you’re going to have to read and do yourself! It is definitely going to be a challenge.

Let’s start off with the basics… Contact information and classroom resources:

  • I will be posting regularly on this iBlog to keep you updated. You should check here every day for new posts and it would be a good idea to subscribe just to make sure you don’t miss anything.
  • I will be checking my e-mail regularly during school hours in case anybody has questions… but please also understand that I’m not just your 8th grade teacher but also a parent and I will be working with my own two children on very different learning materials. I have to help Jeffery be a kindergartner and Nora be a ninth grader for the next few weeks. I will e-mail you back as soon as I am able to sit back at my computer and read my messages. That is a promise.
  • I will be sending e-mails to my students occasionally. Check your student e-mail when you sit down to start your school work for the day.
  • I will be using Google Classroom to deliver lessons to you for now. Later on, we may use iLearn to post assignments, and if that does happen I will post instructions for signing up at that time. Right now my iLearn is not being used.
  • You can expect to see 2-3 assignments per week and each assignment should take you about an hour to complete. I know it seems like a lot, but you need to pretend like you’re at school. You spend 5 hours with me during a usual week! So two assignments that take you 2 hours to complete is still less than the usual amount of work.
  • Google classroom codes are here:
    1st hour: i6r4vrh
    2nd hour: qomfgx3
    3rd hour: 22rwh6w
    4th hour: xvehe77
    6th hour: brzjguh

Aside from these basic issues, I know you have a ton of questions. I can answer a few things here and others I will address in separate posts or by e-mail.

  • Late Work for Q3: I will accept late work in 2 ways. First, if you have the original paper that I printed and gave to you, you can take a picture of that or scan it and send it to me. Second, you can start a Google Doc and type up your answers. Please put your first and last name and the assignment title on the document so that I can find it easily and match it up to the work.
  • Binder Checks / Quizzes / Unit Test: I am excusing the binder check for Q3 under the circumstances. We will have a Q4 binder check in a couple of months. Quizzes and tests will most likely be put into a format I can send over Google Classroom or iLearn when it comes time for them. I am tackling one issue at a time. 🙂
Mar 13 2020

School Closures

It is quite a surprise to find out last night that our state’s governor has proactively shut down all Michigan schools. Pro-action is very important in a situation like this because our ability to handle this crisis as a society depends on the healthcare system’s ability to keep up with the higher demand for health care. Please understand that panic and fear can have a negative impact on our outcomes and take the time to make informed choices about when and where to go out in public, when to seek medical attention for possible symptoms, etc.

As we talked about in class, it is important to consider the source of all information you are using to make informed decisions. Not all sources are publishing information that is in your best interests! I can say that Dearborn Schools has been doing an absolutely wonderful job of filtering through the large volume of information about Coronavirus to provide families with up-to-date and valid information whenever they can.

All students are able to pick up their belongings today from school but otherwise there are no classes today or for the next 3-4 weeks. We don’t have all of the answers yet and we are all just following through with the motions right now. We appreciate your patience while we all work through the confusion!

Today, while you have the important discussions with your family, please also begin talking about how you will adjust to this change. All staff members will be collecting to discuss how we will continue to provide your child their education during these trying times, and as I get new information I will make that available to you here first, as this is the main source of information I have provided to students and families from the beginning of the school year.

However, as we move forward, I will also be expanding my online presence to accommodate our new situation. I have already created a Remind for the ability to communicate quickly and easily with everyone. I will post information about all new online resources as soon as I have them ready and available, and as soon as I get direction from our wonderful administrative staff at Woodworth as to what will be expected from students and staff moving forward.

Again, thank you for your patience! We are going to figure this all out as quickly and efficiently as we can. Most importantly, STAY SAFE!

Mar 11 2020

#56 Monitoring & Forecasting Natural Hazards

Students worked on a 3 page packet regarding forecasting and monitoring earthquakes and hurricanes. They needed the following slideshow to gather data and analyze the information to answer questions in their packet.

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