Hello Howe and Nowlin Music Students!

Hello Howe and Nowlin Music Students!

I am sending all of you a BIG HELLO through my computer! Since you will all be spending a bit more time at home I would like to give you some resources to keep you engaged with music and learning. Your first assignment is to login in to Music play online. You do not need to create an account because I already am already a subscriber so my students can use the following information which will be good until April 1:

musicplayonline.com with the username: snow and the password: 2020

This is the same program that I use with many of our classes and you can now use it from home! take a look around the site and have some fun! I will be posting activities, info and great resources weekly so stay tuned (music joke)! You can also check out Denise Gagnon’s site for online learning:  https://denisegagne.com/e-learning-music-lessons-with-musicplayonline/?fbclid=IwAR0_IGLd3QrYt2meCLJqITfriWQ6QnnKCa7oNkh4NOamhVu4F6ZAQXLFRuE

If you are a 4th grader, in Honors Choir or in Drumming, you can use this time to practice the music on our google classroom. I would love to hear you sing and play your songs so if you want to send me a video, send it to: hardens@dearbornschools.org

Please make sure to subscribe to my blog as this will be our primary mode of communication. Have a great day and happy music making!

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