MAY 26, 2020

Hello Students,

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  For those who celebrated the end of Ramadan I hope you were able to spend quality time with your family.  

This week’s homework is a lesson on Google Classroom.  The lesson is called MONITORING VOLCANIC ACTIVITY RL #3. This lesson is about how scientists use data to predict when volcanoes will erupt.  There are some readings along with questions you must complete.  All the information is on a Google Document.  This will be due on Saturday at noon.  

There are a few students who need to review the gradebook to determine which assignments are incomplete or missing.  Once you have completed the work, you need to email me and tell me which assignment you completed so I can correct the work.  

Please continue to email me with questions or concerns.  

Ms. Duquette

May 18, 2020

Hello Students,

This week’s lesson is a Newsela article.  It aligns with the Remote Learning Lesson # 2 which you completed last week. The Newsela article is Using a Rubik’s Cube, researchers train robots to learn the way humans do.  As always with the Newsela articles you are to read the article, complete 10 thoughtful annotations, take the quiz and write a paragraph explaining the main idea of the reading.  

I have graded the science fair assignment.  There were several interesting ideas.  I am disappointed the entire science experiment was not able to be completed. 

If you complete late work, you need to email me and let me know the name of the late assignment you completed.  Once I receive the email, I will go to the site to correct the work. Please check your gradebook often and kindly let me know if there is something I missed. 

I would like to have some face to face time on the Big Blue Button(BBB).  The Big Blue Button is an option on iLearn.  Last week my advisory connected via BBB.  This week I’d like to try BBB with all my classes according to the schedule below:


12:00-12:192ND HOUR
12:20-12:393RD HOUR
12:40-1:004TH HOUR


12:00-12:195TH HOUR
12:20-12:396TH HOUR

Please continue emailing me questions and/ concerns.

Ms. Duquette

May 11, 2020

Hello Students and Families,

I hope everyone is healthy and continuing to be safe. I understand learning is so different at this time and I am amazed at how many students are continuting to complete the work with a high amount of effort.

Most of the work is completed on time, however, if you have not completed past assignments, email me once the assignment is completed. Once I receive the email, I will go into either Newsela, IXL or Google Classroom to correct the work

The assignment for this week is Remote Learning Lesson #2. This is about algorithms. An algorithm is a series of steps used in order to solve a problem. This a science process, but a process we all use in our daily lives. The example discussed in this assignment is something we all can understand. As scientists, we want to complete tasks in the most beneficial and efficient way possible.

The assignment is in Google Classroom. You will need to view the Google Slides first, then type the answers in the Google Document. It is recommended that you have both open and go back and forth between both pieces of information to complete the assignment. Once again, the Google Classroom codes are below:

2ND HOUR7znpzeh
3RD HOUResgw5q4
4TH HOURs5tavjd
5TH HOURlh2inoz
6TH HOURrakeqtp

As always, please email me if you have any questions.

May 4, 2020

Hello Students,

I hope everyone is healthy and enjoying extra time with families.  I am glad the weather is starting to be more enjoyable.  I have seen many of you outdoors enjoying the weather. 

Most students completed last week’s assignment, however, for those of you that did not, please complete last week’s assignment soon. Once the work is completed, please email me so I can go back to GoogleClassroom to correct the work.

This week we are going back to a Newsela article.  This will allow some of you to complete missing work as well.  Also, the science fair project is due on Friday.  Most of you have submitted it already.  Remember, that needs to be submitted to GoogleClassroom.  

The Newsela article is Stutting their STEM stuff . This article is about students taking their science fair projects to the White House.

Please continue to email me with questions and/concerns.  

Ms.  Duquette