Most Important Word- This strategy focuses the readers attention on the main ideas of the passage. This strategy is used during reading.

  1.  Read selection (usually a paragraph or a short section of a chapter)
  2. Choose 3 words you feel are important to the selection.
  3. Next to EACH word write the reason the word was chosen.
  4. Circle the BEST word you chose.
  5. Write a 1-2 sentence summary of the selection.

DOUBLE ENTRY JOURNAL- This strategy is used during reading.  This strategy helps students make connections to the reading.

  1.  Read the selection or passage.
  2. On the left side of a T-chart write one of the following:
    • main idea of the passage
    • key idea
    • important words
  3. On the right side of the T-chart, write one of the following:
    • a connection to a science experiment
    • an explanation or reaction about the reading
    • what you may be confused about
    • a question you may have
    • a connection to your life, another reading, a book or movie
    • what you are wondering about

THIEVES-This is a pre-reading strategy.  Students use this strategy to preview the reading selection.  This is much like seeing a movie trailer before seeing the movie.  Students are to complete the following:

  • T-Read the Title/Write what this reminds you of
  • H-Read each Heading– Write an overview of the content
  • I-Read the Introduction– Write how this relates to you
  • E-Write Everything you know about this topic (3 Sentences)
  • V– Read each Vocabulary word/ Look at each Visual, read each caption. Write about one visual
  • E-Read the End of the Chapter questions
  • S-Read the Summary

3-2-1 Reading Strategy-Use this strategy to help understand the most important parts of the science reading selection.

3    Write three science vocabulary words.  Next to each word write why it is important to the article.

2     Write two interesting facts found in the article.  Next to each fact explain why you picked the fact.  Examples of reasons you may have picked the fact could be: the fact was interesting, creative, disgusting, entertaining, informative.

1    Write one summary of the article. Summary should be 4-6 sentences.  The summary should include a topic sentence, details and a summary sentence.