October 7, 2019

Retake is Wednesday. To be eligible for the retake all students must print test, have test signed and give me a note telling when you will be taking the test (Wednesday morning or after school), how you studied and correct errors on the test. This needs to be given to me tomorrow during class.

October 3, 2019

Students will have finished the test today. The retake will be October 9th before school in Mr. Bailey’s classroom and after school in my classroom. Students are required to follow the retake policy to be eligible for the retake. The retake policy is listed on this blog.

Students read an article from a SuperScience magazine last Friday. Tomorrow students need to have a 3-2-1 summary prepared and ready to dicuss.

October 1, 2019

Students will have a 15-20 question test tomorrow. The test will cover the vocabulary words which are in their ISN Pages 3B and 4B. The concepts we have covered are: Why a decision matrix is used, Why constraints and criteria are important aspects of making a decision, What a system model is and what needs to be included in a system model. Students should have this material in their Interactive Science Notebook. Students can also review by working through the quizlet I placed on the blog last week.

September 16, 2019

Students were asked to draw a model of a system in class last Thursday. That model was a summative grade. Students have the opportunity to redo the model either in the morning at 7:20 in Mr. Bailey’s classroom, or after school in my classroom. The diagram should only take 20 minutes to complete. Students who wish to complete the retake must follow the retake policy. The retake policy is on this blog, was talked about in class 3 times. discussed at open house and was sent home in a brochure.