Friday, April 12th

I had many nice conversations with parent at Parent Teacher Conferences.  If you were unable to come to Parent Teacher Conferences last night, and would like to meet please email me to set up a time to meet.

Report Cards were sent home with your child today.  

The science fair projects should come to my class before advisory on Monday.  Students should practice their presentations, especially if they are working with another student. 

Review the Science Fair Rubric to make sure all aspects of the project are correct.

Email me any last minute question.  

Thursday, March 14th

Students need to begin their Cellular Respiration Storyboard.  The StoryBoard should describe the process of cellular respiration.  The following words need to be in their description: Cellular respiration, mitochondria, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, ATP, glucose.  The symbols for the molecules should also be written.  Student work should be free of grammatical errors as well as spelling errors. The storyboard should be neat and colored. This is due Monday.  There will be time devoted to working on this tomorrow.

There will be a test next week. Students should know the difference between cellular respiration and photosynthesis. Students should know how energy is transferred through a food chain.   Students should have an understanding of the following vocabulary words:  oxygen, photosynthesis, carbon dioxide, glucose, cellular respiration, food chain, energy source, simulation organism, consumer, producer, decomposer, transfer of energy.




Friday, March 1

Today we reviewed the test that was taken yesterday.  The retake will be Wednesday, March 6th at 7:20 am.  Students will need to follow the retake policy to be eligible for the retake.

The retake test will have similar ideas, but in a different format.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The test will be Thursday.  Students will need to study information from their Interactive Science Notebook.  Students need to understand and be able to explain how photosynthesis works.  The anatomy and function of the leaf need to be understood.  Students need to know the function and location of the parts of a microscope.

Below is the KAHOOT we completed in class today:


Here is a song about Photosynthesis some classes listened to: