February 14, 2019

We have been learning about how plants obtain and use matter and energy to live and grow.  We completed two experiments using Bromothymol Blue and Cabomba plants.  We also used the microscopes to view the stoma of a Tradescantia plant.  Students also started a Leaf reading.  Students need to finish the reading and have annotations throughout the reading.

Students should know the following vocabulary words we have been using: Bromothymol Blue, Chemical change, Xylem, Phloem, stoma, stomata, Carbon Dioxide, chloroplasts, photosynthesis, guard cells.

Below is a quick study aid.  This is only a few of the vocabulary words students will need to understand.


Below is a video we watched and discussed in class.  It was difficult to see the details on the projector.  Many students wanted to see it again.

Thursday, January 31st

Just a reminder, the Science Fair Parent form is due tomorrow. If you do not have a copy of it at home, there is link to the form on the Friday blog and the Science Fair Tab of this blog. 

Finding an interesting doable topic is the most difficult part of the science fair project.  Look for topics that interests you.

Stay warm!!

Friday, January 25th

Students were given the SCIENCE FAIR PARENT FORM to be filled out and turned in on Friday, February 1st.  This should have information showing the idea for the science fair.

The Bryant Middle School Science Fair will be held on May 1st.  Students will need to complete and hand in their project on April 22.  The week of April 22nd, students will be presenting their projects to the class.

Students were also given a new magazine for the next 321 article summary assignment, which is due on February 8th.  On February 8th students will be discussing their article, so work must be printed and brought to class on that day.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Information about the 2019 Bryant Middle School Science Fair was discussed on Tuesday.  Today we reviewed the information found on the “Science Fair” tab on this blog.  Students were also give the opportunity to look at ideas for the science fair.  

The 2019 Science Fair will be held in early May.  Students will need to complete the science fair project and present them in class in late April.

The most difficult part of the science fair project is finding a topic.  The topic must be testable.

Please review the information found on the “Science Fair” tab on this blog.