7th Grade Science

Grading Policy


Bellwork– Bellwork is given most days at the beginning of the class period.  Students are to write a title, and date on each bellwork.  Students are to completely answer the question and be ready to share.  After students complete about 10 bellwork assignments, students will hand in for a grade.  Students should have their bellwork with them every day and be ready to turn it in when asked.  Students will not be allowed to turn in bellwork after bellwork is corrected and handed back.


3-2-1 Article of the Week Students will be assigned an article from the SuperScience magazine three times each marking period. After reading the article, students are to do the following:

3    Write three science vocabulary words.  Next to each word write why it is important to the article.

2     Write two interesting facts found in the article.  Next to each fact explain why you found them interesting.

1    Write one summary of the article. Summary should be 3-5 sentences.

Interactive Notebook Checks-  Students are to complete much of their work in their Interactive science notebook.  Near the end of each marking period I will check to see if all the work is completed appropriately.

Worksheets- When worksheets are assigned, a due date will be given.  On that due date we may correct the worksheets as a class.  Students will not be allowed to turn in the worksheet for a grade after it is corrected in class. Missing worksheets will result in a zero.

Assignments completed in class- The Next Generation Science Standards allow for many activities be completed in small groups.  Most of the time these group activities will be graded as a formative grade.  The content as well as cooperative group standards will be evaluated.



Tests– Tests are normally given on the computer on the site ILearn.  Students must stay on the testing site while taking the test.  If students leave the site, a score of a zero will be entered in the gradebook and a retake will not be available.  

Projects- Students will be assigned various projects throughout the school year.  Some will be worked on in class and some project will be completed at home.

Science Fair Project- The science fair is at the end of the school year.  Students will get some time to work on this in class.  Students will be graded on their work as well as their presentation of their project.

***Students who are copying off another student will receive a zero in the grade book and a detention.  Students who plagiarize from a computer website will also receive a zero.  Students will not be able to redo the work.