May 11, 2020

Hello Students and Families,

I hope everyone is healthy and continuing to be safe. I understand learning is so different at this time and I am amazed at how many students are continuting to complete the work with a high amount of effort.

Most of the work is completed on time, however, if you have not completed past assignments, email me once the assignment is completed. Once I receive the email, I will go into either Newsela, IXL or Google Classroom to correct the work

The assignment for this week is Remote Learning Lesson #2. This is about algorithms. An algorithm is a series of steps used in order to solve a problem. This a science process, but a process we all use in our daily lives. The example discussed in this assignment is something we all can understand. As scientists, we want to complete tasks in the most beneficial and efficient way possible.

The assignment is in Google Classroom. You will need to view the Google Slides first, then type the answers in the Google Document. It is recommended that you have both open and go back and forth between both pieces of information to complete the assignment. Once again, the Google Classroom codes are below:

2ND HOUR7znpzeh
3RD HOUResgw5q4
4TH HOURs5tavjd
5TH HOURlh2inoz
6TH HOURrakeqtp

As always, please email me if you have any questions.