Monday, April 13

Hello and welcome back from Spring Break!! I hope everyone is staying healthy and observing the stay home stay safe order of Governor Whitmer.

Although the school building is closed, all students are expected to complete online work. At this time, the Bryant Middle School science teachers are assigning IXL and Newsela. Once we get more information from the district, other educational forms will probably take place. The IXL and Newsela should take most students less than 3 hours for the entire week.

The Newsela article for this week is Using the Laws of Motion to Explain what Happens when cars Collide.

As you read the article annotations need to be written in the margins of the article. You should have at least 10 annotations. Complete the quiz and the writing. The writing should be 3-5 sentences. This is only a short writing and should be free of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. Remember to proof read by pointing to each word as you read your writing to yourself.

The IXL is Section H: Kinetic and Potential Energy
Lessons 1-4. Remember, your Smart Score needs to be over 80% to receive full credit.

As always, please email me with any questions or concerns.

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