Advanced Math (Pre-Algebra)

In order to qualify for Pre-algebra (advanced math in 7th grade), you must meet the following criteria:

1- NWEA score of 230 or higher

2- Average of an A in Math for Card markings 1-4

3- 23 out of 30 or higher on the Algebra Readiness Test

The Algebra Readiness Test will be on JUNE 11th at 2:15pm. You get 30 minutes and no calculators allowed. The following topics are covered on the exam:

1- **Square Roots (1 question) (Just do the intro video and a little practice)

2- Combine Like Terms (2 questions)

3- Distributive Property  to determine if expressions are equivalent (3 questions)

4- Translating expressions  (4 questions)

5-**Solving 2 step equations with distributing (3 questions)

6- Solving one-step equations (3 questions)

7- Evaluating Numerical Expressions (3 questions)

8- Evaluating Algebraic Expressions (3 questions)

9- Expressions with Exponents (2 questions)

10- Graphing fractions on the coordinate plane (2 questions)

11- Interpreting Integers in situations (3 questions)

12-**Adding Integers (1 question)

A score of 23 out of 30 is required.

** means that it is a 7th grade topic

If you click on any of the above topics, you will be directed to a practice site for that topic. You don’t have to complete the whole playlist for each topic. Go as far as you’re able to review the topic and make sure to do some practice.

Important Announcements

I hope you had a wonderful holiday break! Eid mubarak to all who are celebrating! And, a belated Happy Memorial Day!

I have posted the grades for all of the late work (last night). No late work will be accepted for work assigned prior to May 18th. The grades that are currently posted will only change based on work assigned from May 18-June 11 (the last 4 weeks of school). {student_firstname}, to improve your grade and keep your grade where it is, make sure to complete all of the work from last week, this week and the coming weeks on time.  Anyone who has a D or E (as of now) is in danger of failing and should work extra hard to complete all of the work for these 4 weeks.

Parents: Please make sure to take some time to sit with your child and log onto Student Connect to review {student_firstname}’s grade.

Students: The work for this week will be posted tomorrow. We will have our meeting on Thursday at 5pm for all blocks (Block A, B and C). Make sure to attend the meeting to review the lesson. 

Grades for last week’s work will be posted at the end of the week.

Talk to you on Thursday!

-Mrs. Alasry

For Parents:

It is my goal to NOT overwhelm you during this already stressful time. I am only including parents on my emails when I think it is necessary. The majority of my emails go directly to students.

For posting assignments, I post them into “iLearn” which your child should have access to. Please check with your child if you want to make sure.

Please contact me via email if:

1- You feel overwhelmed.

2- You feel your child is not connected to their assignments and you want to help.

3- You have ANY questions or concerns.

To check on your child’s grades, please:

1- Speak with your child AND

2-Check your child’s Student Connect account with your child.

I care deeply about your child and your family and am trying to work in such a way that will only add joy and learning to your household and not stress. If there is any source of stress in hour household with which I can help you, please let me know. Thank you!

Todayś Google Hangout

I put the wrong codes on my iLearn. The code for our Google Meet is Alasry

Tuesday: at 1:15pm OR at 3:45pm (pick one time to join)

Thursday: at 1:15pm OR at 3:45pm (pick one time to join)


  1. Go to
  2. Click “join or start a meeting”
  3. Type in the nickname below (it is the same for all blocks)
    • Alasry
  4. Click Join Now
  5. Make sure you are on mute (the microphone is red)
  6. Wait for Mrs. Alasry’s directions
  7. (You will not be able to join earlier than the time I assigned your class)


1- When you join the Google Hangout, press the mute button on your screen until I tell you to unmute yourself.

2- Be appropriate at all times.

3- Project your voice but do not yell when you are speaking

4- Step up when you have something to say but step back when you are talking over someone

Week of April 13-19


Hello all! I hope you had a safe and healthy week. I miss you all very much! Always feel free to check in with me on email and let me know how you are doing!

Google Hangout

It was so nice seeing many of you at our last hangout. I will be hosting another one this week so make sure you join!

Block A: Wednesday April 15th at 4 pm

Block B: Thursday April 16th at 4 pm

Block C: Friday April 17th at 4 pm


  1. Go to
  2. Click “join or start a meeting”
  3. Type in the nickname below
    • Block A-> AlasryBlockA
    • Block B-> AlasryBlockB
    • Block C->AlasryBlockC
  4. Click Join Now
  5. Make sure you are on mute (the microphone is red)
  6. Wait for Mrs. Alasry’s directions

Add Yourself to iLearn

If you haven’t done this already, please ADD YOURSELF NOW! Click here for directions.

Enrollment codes are…

Block A: 52kx6t

Block B: ubhfx5

Block C: q9vrp5

This week’s assignments…

… are all posted to iLearn. Head on over and check it out!

If you are feeling overwhelmed or lost when it comes to all of this online learning, or you don’t understand or know how to do some things, please email me and I can help you, one-on-one.


I will be updating your grades tomorrow evening. Feel free to check your Student Connect on Tuesday for feedback!

Assignments Week of March 30-April 3

Google Hangout with Mrs. Alasry

All of the details and directions are in the next post. Scroll down and check that out.

i-Ready Lessons

You are to complete 3 lessons on iReady with a score of 4 out of 6 on the Quiz at the end. Make sure to take out a piece of paper and work out the problems during the video ON PAPER! Then, continue working out each problem on the Quiz ON PAPER!