Important Announcements

I hope you had a wonderful holiday break! Eid mubarak to all who are celebrating! And, a belated Happy Memorial Day!

I have posted the grades for all of the late work (last night). No late work will be accepted for work assigned prior to May 18th. The grades that are currently posted will only change based on work assigned from May 18-June 11 (the last 4 weeks of school). {student_firstname}, to improve your grade and keep your grade where it is, make sure to complete all of the work from last week, this week and the coming weeks on time.  Anyone who has a D or E (as of now) is in danger of failing and should work extra hard to complete all of the work for these 4 weeks.

Parents: Please make sure to take some time to sit with your child and log onto Student Connect to review¬†{student_firstname}’s grade.

Students: The work for this week will be posted tomorrow. We will have our meeting on Thursday at 5pm for all blocks (Block A, B and C). Make sure to attend the meeting to review the lesson. 

Grades for last week’s work will be posted at the end of the week.

Talk to you on Thursday!

-Mrs. Alasry

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