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These are the principles that will come alive in our classroom this year…

  1. Healthy collaboration is necessary for a democratic and equitable world.

  2. Openness and honest communication between teacher, students, and community.

  3. Students will need to be scaffolded towards complexity in Math/Science concepts and understanding of how Math/Science is relevant everyday in our world.

  4. Classical Math, Community Math, Critical Math and Pop Culture are important content in our class. Classical = what content does our Board of Education mandate? Community = what knowledge do the students, families and teacher bring as human beings? Critical = what skills that transfer in all areas of life are necessary? Pop Culture= what is influencing youth here and now?

  5. All forms of literacy are valued and developed.

These are the skills that will be practiced in and out of the classroom…

  1. Character

    1. Purposefulness

    2. Grit

    3. Optimism

    4. Curiosity

  2. Digital

    1. Video making and editing

  3. Creative Process

    1. Collaboration

    2. Innovation

  4. General/Critical

    1. Transfer

    2. Analysis

    3. Self-monitoring of progress

I commit to …

  1. The safety and security of our students.

  2. To teach the content I am responsible for to the best of my ability.

  3. To be prepared for teaching every day.

  4. To teach our students to think outside of the box and to move them outside of their comfort zones.

  5. To teach students how Science and Math relates to them and their communities and how to impact their communities through Science and Math.

  6. To teach students critical skills that will empower them from now through adulthood.

  7. To maintain communication with all parents. Please do not hesitate to contact me to learn more about my background and qualifications. I included a short profile at the end of this document.

27 thoughts on “Class Info

  1. What was the worksheet for Friday October second, I know I did listen but I didn’t get a worksheet and you said it was due Monday, so can you post it on your blog so I can print it please and also tell me where it is and how much of the sheet you actually do!

  2. Ms. Alasry I’m trying to get missing assignments done. Where can I get copies of the Order of Operations Matching Cards and Decimal Addition/Subtraction Task Cards to work on? Thank you Frank.

  3. Hi Mrs Alasry about the project do we have to have a picture not a number line a picture just like you did on yours.

  4. Hi Mrs. Alasry. It’s Hadi Kassir your student in 2nd block. Thanks for being an awesome teacher this year. I’m gonna really miss you. It was very neat for this being the 1st school year ever that my teacher was having a baby. It’s always very sad at the end of each school year having to deal with missing my teachers at the end of each school year. But then, I’m like wow, these teachers are (sometimes in different years) better then my last year teacher. But I don’t think I’ll be saying that, I’ll probably be like “Mrs.Alasry is much better then this teacher.” I’ll sometimes be visiting you when I go from one class to another. Bye. Hope you Have a great summer! And I’ll miss you. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

    1. Hi Hadi,
      Thanks for your kind messages! And you were a great student, too!
      I hope next year is even better than this year was for you 🙂 I would love to have you as a peer mentor in the 8th grade. Have a great summer!

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