Advanced Math (Pre-Algebra)

In order to qualify for Pre-algebra (advanced math in 7th grade), you must meet the following criteria:

1- NWEA score of 230 or higher

2- Average of an A in Math for Card markings 1-4

3- 23 out of 30 or higher on the Algebra Readiness Test

The Algebra Readiness Test will be on JUNE 11th at 2:15pm. You get 30 minutes and no calculators allowed. The following topics are covered on the exam:

1- **Square Roots (1 question) (Just do the intro video and a little practice)

2- Combine Like Terms (2 questions)

3- Distributive Property  to determine if expressions are equivalent (3 questions)

4- Translating expressions  (4 questions)

5-**Solving 2 step equations with distributing (3 questions)

6- Solving one-step equations (3 questions)

7- Evaluating Numerical Expressions (3 questions)

8- Evaluating Algebraic Expressions (3 questions)

9- Expressions with Exponents (2 questions)

10- Graphing fractions on the coordinate plane (2 questions)

11- Interpreting Integers in situations (3 questions)

12-**Adding Integers (1 question)

A score of 23 out of 30 is required.

** means that it is a 7th grade topic

If you click on any of the above topics, you will be directed to a practice site for that topic. You don’t have to complete the whole playlist for each topic. Go as far as you’re able to review the topic and make sure to do some practice.

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