For Parents:

It is my goal to NOT overwhelm you during this already stressful time. I am only including parents on my emails when I think it is necessary. The majority of my emails go directly to students.

For posting assignments, I post them into “iLearn” which your child should have access to. Please check with your child if you want to make sure.

Please contact me via email if:

1- You feel overwhelmed.

2- You feel your child is not connected to their assignments and you want to help.

3- You have ANY questions or concerns.

To check on your child’s grades, please:

1- Speak with your child AND

2-Check your child’s Student Connect account with your child.

I care deeply about your child and your family and am trying to work in such a way that will only add joy and learning to your household and not stress. If there is any source of stress in hour household with which I can help you, please let me know. Thank you!

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