Your Math iLearn Online Class by Mrs. Alasry

Greetings students! I will be using iLearn (like Mr. Melvin) for all of your Math-related work. So far, I have been posting everything to the blog but starting next week I will be posting everything to my iLearn course (website).

How do I add myself to your class?

1- Visit

2- Click iLearn Classrooms (at the top)

3-You might have to log in with your 200.. number and your password

4- You will see a screen that says “Enrollment Code.” This is like the key into the classroom. Type in..

Block A: 52kx6t

Block B: ubhfx5

Block C: q9vrp5

Then, click “Enroll” and you will be taken to my class. Each week is separated so you can focus on one week at a time. If you are behind, you can use Spring Break to get caught up.

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