Todayś Google Hangout

I put the wrong codes on my iLearn. The code for our Google Meet is Alasry

Tuesday: at 1:15pm OR at 3:45pm (pick one time to join)

Thursday: at 1:15pm OR at 3:45pm (pick one time to join)


  1. Go to
  2. Click “join or start a meeting”
  3. Type in the nickname below (it is the same for all blocks)
    • Alasry
  4. Click Join Now
  5. Make sure you are on mute (the microphone is red)
  6. Wait for Mrs. Alasry’s directions
  7. (You will not be able to join earlier than the time I assigned your class)


1- When you join the Google Hangout, press the mute button on your screen until I tell you to unmute yourself.

2- Be appropriate at all times.

3- Project your voice but do not yell when you are speaking

4- Step up when you have something to say but step back when you are talking over someone

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