Summer Learning Expectation

Just like last summer, students at Stout will be expected to participate in summer learning to help prevent the “summer slide”. This is especially important this summer with the unprecedented end to our school year. While I understand that some may be frustrated that there is another assignment to do, the expectations are reasonable.

Students will be expected to read 2 books throughout the summer. These books should be on their lexile level/a good fit book. Students will then complete one pagers for the books that they chose. Please click the link included here for further instructions and details (when prompted, press make a copy). These details are also on the school blog.

Fri-YAY Big Day!!!!! MEMOIR & FINAL TEST DUE TODAY* by 5pm!!!

Hey All!!! Happy Last Friday of the school year! WOW!! I cannot believe it!

Today is a big day grade wise. You have two “final” assignments that are due: Final Out of the Dust test, and the memoir. Please turn these assignments in by 5pm.

If you have completed all of your assignments, you are officially done with ELA for the 2019/2020 school year. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That. Is. Awesome!!!

IF you have late work that you are still completing, that is due by Sunday, preferably by 5pm, but I am shutting down all of the assignments at 11:59pm on Sunday. Please do your best to get everything done before then, make sure you are doing it to the best of your ability.

Next week, I think I will hold one last live meeting for everyone to attend if you’d like. This way we can all say goodbye to each other. I will keep you updated.

Have a great day and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather and weekend ahead.

Thursday 6/4-Live Mtg Today!!

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday! Today we have our last live meeting of the week at 1pm. Remember to access the meeting through iLearn. The meetings count as a grade. We will answer questions about your memoir (that is due tomorrow) and review for the final test (which is also due tomorrow!!)

This week you need to finish reading Out of the Dust, take the final test, and write your memoir. All of this week’s work is due on Friday.

All late work is due on Sunday and will not be accepted any later than Sunday 6/7.

Today I will be sending out a final email to students (and their parents) who have a D or E for the card marking. This is the last chance to turn things around.

Wednesday 6/3-Work due soon!

Hello All! Happy Wednesday.

Just a few reminders. This week you are finishing reading Out of the Dust. There are two recordings in iLearn of the last two sections if you prefer to listen to it, or you can finish reading it with the link to the online text in iLearn.

After you have read the whole story, there is a final test that includes information from the entire story. Please be sure to have read everything before taking the test. We reviewed during the live session yesterday, so anyone that attended that session should have a good idea of what the test will be like.

Along with the reading and test for the week, your memoir is due on Friday. No late assignments will be accepted for the memoir. Please make sure to read the full description of the assignment, watch the video that Mrs. Wiacek made and email me asap with questions. All of the information you need is in in iLearn. The memoir is modeled right after the poem “The Accident”. The text of the accident is in iLearn. Again, this is due on Friday and will not be accepted after Friday.

Finally, as a reminder all late work is due on Sunday. The earlier the better. No late work will be accepted after Sunday 6/7. This is a district policy and is in fairness to all the teachers who will be grading and putting together all of our D/E lists etc.

Have a great day! It’s going to be another warm one! Enjoy it! (And make sure your work gets done 🙂 )


Monday 6/1-Happy Birthday, Arianna!

This week:

  • Attend at least 1 live session: Tuesday 1pm or Thursday 1pm
  • Finish reading Out of the Dust. There is the online text or I recorded the last two sections if you prefer to listen to it.
  • Review the story-There is a final Test this week. This test will be worth 1.5-2x your other assignments. You have 1 hour to complete the test and two attempts to take it if you are displeased with your score. My suggestion would be to wait until after attending a live session to take the test. Also, if you didn’t actually read the story, you might want to take the time to do so. The test must be completed by 11:59pm Friday 6/5. No late submissions on the test will be allowed.
  • Write your memoir. You will model your memoir poem after the section of the text called “The Accident”. In iLearn there are examples of the section that show you the different parts and how it can be organized. My suggestion to you would be to watch the video that Mrs. Wiacek recorded showing you how to do the assignment so that you do it correctly. Memoir is due Friday 6/5. No late memoirs will be accepted.

Weeks 9&10 assignments:

Just a reminder for weeks 9&10 where you watched the video recording and answered questions along the way, if you did not let the submission screen come up naturally, your scores were not submitted. If you notice that you have the assignment listed as missing in student connect, you need to go in and complete the assignment(s) and then EMAIL ME!

All Late Work:

All late work is due by 11:59pm on Sunday June 7. NO WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT TIME!!!! We have all of our grades, no credit sheets, summer school sheets etc that need to be done and will not be able to accept work later than that. Please be respectful of this time table.

Weeks 9&10 Work Submissions-Please Read

If you thought that you submitted your week 9 or 10 assignments but they show up as missing in the grade book it is because you did not watch the videos the entire way and let the submission screen pop up on its own. If you clicked on the star to get the submission screen before the assignment was completed all the way through, your grades weren’t submitted. You will have to go back and complete it! If this happened to you, YOU NEED TO EMAIL ME telling me the specific assignments that you submitted.


**I have released the reading portion of week 11 in case any of you were wanting to finish up your reading this weekend. I will not release the final test of assignments until either Monday or Tuesday after our live meeting.**

In preparation for the final test, be sure that you have read all parts of Out of the Dust!

Fri-YAY 5/29


All week 10 work is due today. I will be inputting the work tomorrow morning. Please make sure to complete the assignments ASAP if you haven’t done them already. Make sure that for the listening/questions portion that you submit all answer at the very end or else the grade will not be counted.


Next week will be our final week of new assignments. We will be finishing the story “Out of the Dust” and will take a final comprehension assessment on it. You must take the final assessment by Friday June 5th, otherwise you will not earn a grade for it. It is a comprehensive test over the whole story. We will also complete the memoir assignment we have been working on over the past three weeks.

All late work is due Sunday, June 7 by midnight.

No late work will be accepted after Sunday, June 7. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST SECOND TO COMPLETE YOUR WORK.

Anything that you have completed late, you must email me to tell me you completed. Otherwise it might not get graded.


There is a live meeting today at 1pm. Link is in iLearn.

All Week 10 work is due tomorrow. I see a lot of you have not completed the reading portion yet. Make sure you watch it, answer the questions, and submit the assignment at the end of the reading.

I have closed many of the previous assignments. It is too hard for me to know when you are completing them. If you need one of the assignments, you will need to email me and request it.

Saturday 5/23- Happy Birthday Safa Aboraihan and PC Ghrist!

Safa and PC, I hope you enjoyed your special days today!! It turned out to be a beautiful day to celebrate 🙂

Eid Mubarak to all who celebrate.

“Late Work”

Any work that you haven’t turned in yet, please make sure you are doing so ASAP! I am updating the D/E list this weekend and it needs to be complete by Monday night.

Whatever work you finish (including WEEK 9 WORK), please email me exactly which assignments you completed so I can find them easily and input them quickly. Thanks so much!

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