Monday 1/27

Girls’ Basketball Final Cuts

Ava Steinhebel
Malak Bazzi
Salena Arkoub
Mariam Saab
Aseal Nasser
Leila Ahmad
Noor Mourtada
Haneen Anwar
Lara Basma
Amal Younes
Maisy Gerlach
Autumn Sprague
Nataliya Hissy
Julia Bazzi
Miryam Chamas
Dunya Ahmed
Lamis Hassan
Fatima Zreik
Celine Saad
Liana Mohaidly
Tia Hammoud
Layla Martinez
Jomana Nasir
Mariam Barakat

If your name is on one of these lists, CONGRATULATIONS, you have made the team. Please report to the gym after school on Monday for our first official practice. Please wear gym clothes and basketball shoes.

*A note about making the team* (This is especially important for the 6th graders). Making the team is not a guarantee of playing time. Playing time is earned through hard work and improvement. Yes, we would like everyone to play, but only five people can play at a time. Do not be discouraged if you are not playing much; keep working hard, practicing all of the skills and being a good teammate. Those three things pay off in the end.

Thank you again to everyone that tried out. We appreciate your efforts.

Girls’ Basketball First Cuts

Thank you all for your hard work today at try-outs. If your name is on this list, it means you have made it through the first day of tryouts and are invited back for the second day. We will have to cut around another 10 girls tomorrow in order to have around 10/11 per team. Again, if your name is on this list, please be sure to report to the gym after school tomorrow, dressed in your basketball clothes, for round two of tryouts. Thank you again to everyone who tried out. We appreciate your efforts, and if your name is not on this list and you love basketball, keep playing and practicing!

(Please excuse any misspelled names…some of your writing is a little difficult to read!)

8th grade: Ava Steinhebel, Malak Bazzi, Salena Arkoub, Mariam Saab, Aseal Nasser, Leila Ahmad, Noor Mourtada, Haneen Anwar, Lara Basma

7th grade: Amal Younes, Maisy Gerlach, Autumn Sprague, Nataliya Hissy, Aseal Qdaih, Maya Dakroub, Julia Bazzi, Miryam Chamas, Dunya Ahmed

6th grade: Lamis Hassan, Fatima Zreik, Celine Saad, Liana Mohaidly, Tia Hammoud, Marwa Al-Jabori, Layla Martinez, Jenna Amro, Jomana Nasir, Israa Nazzal, Taj Ghanem, Mariam Barakat

Thank you for your hard work. Go Falcons!

Tuesday 1/14

  1. IXL is due tomorrow at the start of class. No additional time will be given to complete the tasks and no late tasks will be accepted.
  2. ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE A SILENT READING BOOK WITH THEM IN CLASS EVERY DAY!!! Please make sure you have your silent reading book with you tomorrow in class. It is a summative assignment. Thanks!

Monday 1/13

FriYAY 1/10

Thursday 1/9

Wednesday 1/8

We will continue NWEA testing until the end of the week. Please make sure to get good sleep and eat healthful meals to fuel your mind and body!

Tuesday 1/7

Monday 1/6/2020!!

Happy New Year!!! We have 2 weeks left in this card marking! Let’s make them the best 2 weeks of the year so far! 😉

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