Wednesday 6/3-Work due soon!

Hello All! Happy Wednesday.

Just a few reminders. This week you are finishing reading Out of the Dust. There are two recordings in iLearn of the last two sections if you prefer to listen to it, or you can finish reading it with the link to the online text in iLearn.

After you have read the whole story, there is a final test that includes information from the entire story. Please be sure to have read everything before taking the test. We reviewed during the live session yesterday, so anyone that attended that session should have a good idea of what the test will be like.

Along with the reading and test for the week, your memoir is due on Friday. No late assignments will be accepted for the memoir. Please make sure to read the full description of the assignment, watch the video that Mrs. Wiacek made and email me asap with questions. All of the information you need is in in iLearn. The memoir is modeled right after the poem “The Accident”. The text of the accident is in iLearn. Again, this is due on Friday and will not be accepted after Friday.

Finally, as a reminder all late work is due on Sunday. The earlier the better. No late work will be accepted after Sunday 6/7. This is a district policy and is in fairness to all the teachers who will be grading and putting together all of our D/E lists etc.

Have a great day! It’s going to be another warm one! Enjoy it! (And make sure your work gets done 🙂 )

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