Fri-YAY 5/29


All week 10 work is due today. I will be inputting the work tomorrow morning. Please make sure to complete the assignments ASAP if you haven’t done them already. Make sure that for the listening/questions portion that you submit all answer at the very end or else the grade will not be counted.


Next week will be our final week of new assignments. We will be finishing the story “Out of the Dust” and will take a final comprehension assessment on it. You must take the final assessment by Friday June 5th, otherwise you will not earn a grade for it. It is a comprehensive test over the whole story. We will also complete the memoir assignment we have been working on over the past three weeks.

All late work is due Sunday, June 7 by midnight.

No late work will be accepted after Sunday, June 7. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST SECOND TO COMPLETE YOUR WORK.

Anything that you have completed late, you must email me to tell me you completed. Otherwise it might not get graded.

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