Thursday 5/21-Live Session today at 1pm-All Week 9 work due today!

You can access the BBB meeting by clicking on the b here or access in iLearn!


  • We have our last live session of the week today at 1pm. Remember, if you didn’t attend Tuesday’s session, you’ll want to come to today’s session so you can get the credit for live session attendance for the week. We will be answering questions about the text and making predictions for what is to come in the text!
  • All Week 9 work (4 assignments+1 live meeting) should be completed today! I will be inputting grades tomorrow morning, so please try your best to get your work completed and submitted.
  • 3 Winter 1935 Modules
  • 1 Tree Map
  • 1 Live Meeting
  • If you have late work that you are submitting, please make sure that you send me an email with the exact assignments completed so that I can efficiently input them.
  • After grading this week’s work, and late assignments, I will be updating the “no credit” list. If you have received an email and are removed from the list, I will let you know! If you have not received an email yet, but have slipped into the D/E grade range for the card marking, you will receive an email this weekend letting you know.

It’s another beautiful day! Get your work done early, head outside and get some fresh air! Join us for the 1pm meeting, and then head back outside! 🙂 Have a great day! Miss you all!

Wednesday 5/20-Week 9 Work Due Tomorrow

Hello All-

This is just a reminder that the week 9 work is due tomorrow. Please do your best to complete the 4 assignments (+ attend 1 live session). We will have our last live session of the week tomorrow at 1pm.

Heads Up:

Today I sent out my first round of emails to students (and their parents) who currently have a D or an E in language arts. The names have been shared with administration and will be submitted for No Credit for CM4 next week. Students, you still have a chance to turn this around. If you get in your missing work by Saturday/Sunday we might be able to get your name off the list, as papers are being sent out Tuesday about admins return from the holiday weekend.

If you are close to having a D, and you do not complete the assignments for this week, chances are your grade will shift and you will be added to the list. I plan to have all of this week’s grades inputted on Friday so I can enjoy my weekend!

Please do your best to get all of your work done ASAP. If you are turning in late work, please email me the specific assignments you have completed so I can grade them quickly and efficiently.

Enjoy the beautiful day! (and make sure to complete your work) 🙂

Tuesday 5/19-Big Blue Button Session @ 1pm Today!

Today we have a live meeting at 1pm today. Link in iLearn to get into the session. Make sure that when you enter the meeting that you choose the microphone option to enter so that you can speak if you’d like to. Also, please make sure that you are working on the ELA assignments for this week. The more you have done, the more we can talk about during the meetings. All WK 9 assignments are due on Thursday 5/21 this week due to the holiday weekend.

Failure/Summer School Emails

I will be sending out emails soon to students earning a D or E for this last card marking. Due to lack of participation and/or regular completion of assignments, you may receive an “N” for the 4th card marking which means “no credit due to deliberate lack of participation”. Per the district’s Continuity of Learning plan, “Students who receive no credit may be required to attend summer school or participate in additional learning.”

Please remember that it is not too late to turn your grade around and complete the virtual learning assignments from the past weeks. Just send me an email with which assignments you have completed!

Monday 5/18- Week 9

Happy Monday Everyone!
For week 9 there are 5 graded assignments. The assignments this week look a little bit different than in the past weeks, and I hope that the format is one that works well for everyone. All assignments for ELA are found in iLearn! All assignments this week are due on THURSDAY 5/21 due to the holiday weekend!

Assignment 1:  Watch & Listen to Winter 1935 part 1 (9 minutes) in iLearn. Answer questions as you go along. Submit answers at the end.

Assignment 2:  Watch & Listen to Winter 1935 part 2 (14 minutes) in iLearn. Answer questions as you go along. Submit answers at the end.

Assignment 3:  Watch & Listen to Winter 1935 part 3 (6.5 minutes) in iLearn. Answer questions as you go along. Submit answers at the end.

Assignment 4:  Tree Map assignment. Make a copy of the tree map, choose the memory that you want to write about (from the brainstorming activity we did last week). Fill in the tree map with as many sensory details as possible! Directions (in video form) are all in iLearn for that! 

Assignment 5:  Attend 1 live session, either Tuesday @ 1pm or Thursday @ 1pm. If you want to attend both live sessions, that is great! But try to attend at least one. Remember, it is a grade! There are links in iLearn for the live sessions!

Saturday 5/16: Happy Birthday yesterday, Molly M & HBD today, Ali Jabbar!

Molly and Ali, I hope your special days are/were as wonderful as you!


Week 8 work was due yesterday. If you have not completed any of your work, please make sure you do so before tomorrow, as I would like to spend the rainy day getting caught up on grades!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday 5/14-Big Blue Button Live Session today @1pm

Today at 1pm-Big Blue Button Live session in iLearn! 🙂

ALL Week 8 Work Due Tomorrow!

*Please make sure you are working to complete the 3 week 8 assignments. They are due tomorrow. Also, please make sure that you have attended 1 live session this week, that is also a grade.

Reminder about Missing Work:

You may turn in any week 5-7 missing work. Please email me with the exact assignments that you completed so that I can get them graded and inputted in gradebook quickly. Also, please check student/parent connect to see which assignments you might be missing!

Wed. 5/13- Happy Birthday, Ayah Safi!!

Ayah, I hope you have a great day! It sure is beautiful out with the sunshine!


LIVE session tomorrow at 1pm in iLearn. Just click on the Thursday meeting link and it will take you to the meeting. Make sure you join the meeting by clicking on the microphone so that if you’d like to speak, you can. If you have already attended a meeting this week, you do not have to attend this one, but can if you’re bored 😉


  • Week 8 Vocabulary
  • Week 8 Comprehension Questions
  • Week 8 Brainstorming Activity
  • ***All Activities are found in my iLearn


If you are turning in late work please email me to let me know exactly what you have turned in so I don’t have to go searching for it! 🙂 Thanks in advance for making this a little less time consuming for me! Much appreciated 🙂

Interested in joining AVID?:

Click this link for the online application:

Monday 5/11-Happy Birthday, Hezam!!!

Missing Work:

As of 6:00 tonight, I have gone back and put in all of the week 5-7 missing assignments. This includes vocabulary, comprehension questions, and the week 5 creative writing assignment. PLEASE-If you complete any missing work from here on out from weeks 5-7, please email me to let me know. It’s a big pain to go back through everything, and I won’t know that you did it unless you email me.

This Week:

  • Read Autumn 1934-It’s really short. I recorded it and it only took 5 minutes to read.
  • Do Vocabulary Quiz in ilearn: Only 4 vocab words
  • Do Comprehension Questions in iLearn: 4 comprehension questions
  • Do memoir brainstorming activity in iLearn: Create two different lists with moments from your life that you might want to write about -Happy and sad moments. There is a how to video in iLearn to watch if you are confused. Consider these ideas:

Brainstorming activity

Happy memories Bad Memories

FriendsGot in trouble
FamilyGot in a fight with family/friend
PartySomeone got sick/died
New toy/ electronicDisappointed  someone
Activity (mini golf, bowling)Did something embarrassing
concertLost something valuable
Sporting eventAccidently hurt someone (physically or emotional)
  • Attend 1 Live Meeting! Tuesday or Thursday at 1pm: Link in iLearn to join.


Just wanted to let you all know I’m behind on the week 7 grading. My goal is to have all of the comprehension questions graded tomorrow, and the symbolism done by Tuesday. Those will take me a while because I have to open every picture separately!

Week 8 work is posted already in iLearn. This is a really short section and pretty easy so it might be something you could knock out quickly. If you haven’t completed anything from weeks 5-7, please do so ASAP and let me know that it is completed. I would like all late work to be graded this week as well.

Sunday 5/10-Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day 2020: Images, Quotes, Cards, Greetings ...
May all of you wonderful moms be spoiled today! I am grateful that you have shared your children with me this year, and appreciate all you are doing now to help keep them on track with their learning. You all are incredible!

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